In this video, I answer some of the most commonly asked questions about private blog networks.

Also, we recently opened up Drip Way to the public. Drip Way allows you to find extremely impressive PBN domains in a matter of seconds. Every domain is automatically spam checked through our 4-layer spam filter... and new domains (across a wide variety of niches) are being added by the minute. Click here to sign up for Drip Way.

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Comments (25)

  1. BANG!!!! Great Info Wyatt!!!
    You answered everything I wanted to know..
    thanks a lot :)

  2. I love Drip way, it's very fast for domains just got a sports domain thanks

  3. Great video. Clarifies a lot!

  4. Thanks Wyatt,

    Have you got a recommendation for on page ranking factors? If you've got a local resource I'd love a link to something you've created?


  5. Hey Wyatt,

    Great info as always, I will probably be trying out Drip Way in the next week or so.

  6. Wow - thank you so much. 90 percent of these questions I do have and unclear. Just a quick question - what your idea bout if you have EMD domain - and your site stuck on page 2 - does it mean that on page shouldn't have any emd keyword at all right?

    • You're welcome!

      To answer your question, you can but you have to be careful and make sure not to over do it. Also, it really depends on how long the keyword is. If it's just one or two words and VERY common for someone to say, then that's usually fine... However, if it's 3, 4, or 5 words, then it's not natural for that keyword to be on your site more than 1 or 2 times.

  7. do you think any PBN will survive a manual review even if it is niche-related?

  8. Great valued advice,

  9. Very helpful video. Thx. My question is:

    What is the maximum no. of links you send from 1 pbn to your money site?

  10. This might be a dumb question but do you want to make sure you have content on exact URLs that links are pointing to? If so, do you want to grab that same content from the Wayback Machine?

  11. So I found a PBN site/domain, now its history and my niche is outdoor. Could I rebrand it to outdoor and then make it my money site, the metrics would be good and I would rank easy if the PBN site could be my money site. Should I do it?

  12. How many links should the old expired domain have (if only looking at the links (we already take in consideration that we need good DA and TF etc))?

    Also, would you post a English based article, but link to for example a Italian website?

  13. So one blog should only link to one client?

  14. Thanks, really appreciate the sharing

  15. Thanks Wyatt, good info! You answered lots of questions I had about PBNs.

  16. Thanks Wyatt, It was very usefull.

  17. Wyatt, let me ask you something: I have interest in your 4 part web 2.o doimination, and i want to know if Can i use this strategy and turn this web 2.0 like a PBN? What's your oppinion?


    • Hey there, yes, PBNs don't necessarily have to be domains/websites. You can use powered up Web 2.0's as part of your private network.

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