Mind if I change the way you think about SEO?

Okay... get ready for it.

In this 3-part 'Future of SEO' series, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

SEO is changing, but it's never been more powerful than it is RIGHT now. My goal for this series is to spark some creative ideas as to how you can use SEO to make even more money.

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If you're not using remarketing (AKA, retargeting) in your SEO... then you're losing money. Quite literally.

Put simply for those who don't know, remarketing allows you to cookie people who visit your website (or a specific page) by placing a short pixel code on your site. Essentially, you can build a "list" of people who have visited you site or specific pages on your site. Then, you can run insanely targeted Facebook™ and/or web ads to the people on these lists.

It's almost impossible NOT to get a positive ROI with remarketing. It's not unusual to see something like a 1000% ROI on a remarketing/retargeting campaign. Meaning, for every $10 you put into ad spend, you'd make back $100. Pretty cool stuff, right?

So what does this have to do with SEO, you ask?

Well, you're getting all of this free, targeted traffic from the search engines, right? Within 10 minutes, you could have a remarketing pixel setup on each page, and you could be building up those lists.

Then, guess what... you can continue to market to the people who LEFT your site without buying anything. The same people that you'd normally forget about; the same people that used to be worth $0 to you.

If you could run a simple Facebook™ Ad campaign to these "useless" visitors and get a 1000% ROI-- would you do it? Of course!

You'll be all like...

Money thrown in the air by excited woman on green background

In fact, this can be so profitable... that it may even change the way you think about SEO.

Why? Well, usually the average person will have to see something 5-10 times before making a buying decision.

So instead of thinking of SEO as way a way to get people to your site to make a few sales (or affiliate sales), you could think of it as a way to PLACE a remarketing pixel. It could all be that simple.

“How can I place more pixels with SEO?"

Because if you ARE getting a 1000% ROI... or even a 200% ROI... with your remarketing campaigns. Then the easiest way to make more money is by placing more pixels.

Hopefully I haven't confused you at this point. Here's what you need to understand:

You do NOT have to change the way you're doing anything. If you have an affiliate site making you $100, and you're not using remarketing, then you're leaving money on the table. Plain and simple.

So without wasting another minute, go setup some retargeting pixels on your SEO sites. You can do it all right from within Facebook™ (You don't need any alien technology). Here's a quick "how to" article from Facebook™:

Trust me when I say, you do NOT have to be a pro at advertising to make remarketing work. You could fail miserably at creating good ads, and chances are, you'll still come out on top with a positive ROI.

Just try it out... set a low daily budget-- what's the worst that could happen?


(If you haven't noticed, the Drip Apps team just got ahold of a new stock photo account with lots of credits... so, get used to it)

How can I use remarketing + SEO for Local?


And if you ALREADY have clients, you can use this information to get them all to write you another check before the day is up.

If you do have clients, and they're ONLY paying you for SEO... well, again, you're leaving money on the table.

The easiest way to double the amount of money you make with your client SEO business is to double the amount of services you offer.

A very simple, but highly profitable service you can offer is SEO + Remarketing. You can charge more, and you'll get your clients an awesome ROI. It's a win/win.

Let's imagine that your client owns a landscaping business in Clearwater, Florida.

We can place a pixel right on their website, anytime some hits that site... we know that they're interested in getting some kind of landscaping done.

Now, we can setup a simple remarketing campaign to those who have visited the landscaping website. The campaign could be as simple as offering a coupon or doing a flash sale.

Ex: Need Landscaping? The first time is FREE.



Hopefully, your mind is going crazy with ideas at this point.

Let me summarize...

If you're doing SEO, and you're NOT using remarketing. Then you are literally losing money. Plain and simple.

Leave a comment below, and let me know what you think. Are you using remarketing in your SEO campaigns?

In the next post, part 2 of the 'Future of SEO' series, we'll be covering some very important ranking factors that nobody else is talking about. Factors that are becoming more and more important as the days go on.

See ya next time,
Wyatt Jozwowski
Drip Apps

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  1. So how would you set it up for a local client.
    Do you need to go through Facebook?

    • That's one option! Just set up everything in their FB account. Or, you could use Perfect Audience. Another option is Adroll-- You could really just leave the decision up to the client. You'd be surprised at how many local business owners have NO IDEA at what retargeting is, let alone how to set it up.

  2. Very interesting concept..nver thought about it that remarketing could be used with SEO.

    Ps: which stock photo site are the images sourced from..they are awesome.

  3. Phenomenal concept... Just trying to figure out how I can implement this on my ranking sites. I.e. Like local niche rental sites. I guess I just have to cold call them. Thanks Wyatt!

    • Glad you liked it :) I'm sure you'll think of something!

    • Hey Tim,

      Maybe you could do something like "hey, I see you visited [rank and rent site] recently. How come you didn't take me up on this awesome offer of putting your website at the top of google? Do it now before your competitor does". And then if no-one still bites do a "hey, did life get in the way? Or do you just not want more google traffic? If you book now I'll give you a 20% discount for 3 months" etc.

  4. Ibuust got a new client and they are a nursing school. I put renqrketing in their marketing and got a 500% increase and that is at a high ticket price. Renqrkeribg works and its simple as copy and paste. That is no shit or clique either that's what You do. Great article as always Wyatt.

  5. "...[T]he Drip Apps team just got ahold of a new stock photo account with lots of credits... so, get used to it)"

    Ha ha, love it. :) Getting used to it...

    - W

  6. Brilliant, love it. Every opportunity you have to capture a visitor's information, their attention, or even just cookie them, take it.

    • Exactly right!

    • These are all wonderful tips, thakns for sharing! #7 Sounds like a great idea that I somehow haven't managed to think of yet. Kind of a know thy enemy' idea. I'm slowly working on #5 myself right now social media is the way to go!Rich recently posted..

  7. Having only ever used WordPress, (I have NEVER used facebook!), I have to ask, can we use retargeting on our own WordPress sites using your method, or do I have to learn all the necessary about Facebook first to be able to do this?

  8. That was a good read, I am using re-targeting/ re-marketing with almost all of my SEO projects. You can increase your ROI insanely. All you need is to put re-targeting pixels provided by Facebook in your url. Well am also using Adroll and Perfect Audience as they have good pricing plans to distribute your retargeting ads across the web.

  9. great post wyatt! I was wondering if you recommend placing this code from Facebook ads into our homepage only or all of our pages?!?! And does it work on WordPress

    And is alexander still going to post for us?!?!!?

    thanks, daniel

  10. Quick question on FB. I want to try your method, which I love. When going through the FB training on placing the pixel it says you can only have 1 tacking pixel per ad account. Did I understand that correctly?

  11. Very useful and informative Wyatt. Thanks

  12. Great post Wyatt, I had no idea we could use FB like this! My clients will be happy and so will my bank account. Another win/win with Wyatt.

  13. Great idea Wyatt! Love the stock photos too! :)

    How did you get into dollarphotoclub? I tried to join awhlie ago but they said closed to new members..

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