Shopify is, without a doubt, the talk of the town... and by that, I mean, it's impossible to go anywhere on the internet without seeing a screenshot of someone crushing it. Screenshots like this:

#125k in gross sales

As a Drip Apps community, I figured we could either ignore it or embrace it. I'll be honest, I wanted to ignore it at first because it's not "SEO"; Focus is key and as Steve Jobs said, "Focus is all about saying no," but the results just kept coming in. I watched straight-up-newbies go from nothing to $100/day almost overnight. And that, my friends, is hard to ignore.

But then I had a realization, SEO and eCom can actually work together. Duh! C'mon Wyatt! In fact, that's actually how Mark Cuban started building his empire; he had a wildly successful eCom store online all thanks to search engine optimization... that's where all of his traffic came from. So, over the past few days, I haven't stopped playing around with Shopify. Turns out, this thing really is easy to use... pretty sure I could teach my 8 year old cousin how to use it. Even better, it's super SEO friendly.

For those of you that have done affiliate SEO, you know that it can be a little challenging to sell informational products on Clickbank (or whatever platform you're using). Maybe you make a sale every once in a while just out of pure volume of traffic, but the conversion rates are horrible. The good news is that it's the COMPLETE opposite with eCom; Physical products just sell. End of story. You don't need a sales letter, you don't need a video, you don't need to pre-frame your traffic... you just send them to the product page with a few images, and they either buy or they don't.

So that's it. That's why I decided to create a post about Shopify. Some of you may already be using Shopify, maybe you're already doing eCom, or maybe you've never heard of it. Whatever the case, I believe that all of the Drip Apps community can benefit from this. While this post is more specific to people already running with Shopify, I think it will give you a good idea of what the potential is.

I decided to create a post about ranking Shopify stores. Specifically, I want to show you how you can really take advantage of Shopify right now and rank super quickly. Then, I'm going to create another post in a couple days to show you how we're creating viral posts that can easily be used on Shopify stores, and these viral posts ultimately lead to tons of page 1 rankings.

So, make sure to pay attention to your email over the next few days... Drip Apps is going to be on an SEO + eCom mission. And if you have no idea of how to find products or setup a store, you're in luck because that will be covered too.

Let's dig in...

Shopify is essentially a simple, eCom version of WordPress. You sign up, create your store, select a theme, add your products, and you're pretty much up and running. During setup, you're able to choose a domain name for your store:

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 2.13.32 PM

And this is when I had my first SEO "aha!" moment. If you've been a Drip Apps member for a little while, then you're very familiar with parasites, AKA web 2.0's that we can rank very easily by essentially "stealing" their authority.

Take another look at that screenshot above... anything stand out? Yup, the default myshopify subdomain. If I pull this site up in my browser, you'll see that it already has a Moz Domain Authority (DA) of 63. This is huge:

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 2.16.54 PM

Sure, it would be nice to brand our store with our own domain name... but screw that, let's take advantage of this and get some easy rankings. Since this store is already built on a semi-trusted domain with a DA of 63, we can essentially "spam" this property by sending a bunch of lower quality links to the domain. If anything goes wrong (like getting penalized or slapped), we can simply add a new domain... how amazing is that?

This means there's absolutely no way we can mess this up; there are no long term repercussions. We can easily purchase some Fiverr links to rank this store, or even better, we can starting blasting with a GSA (link-building software) campaign. If you're not familiar with GSA, I recommend joining Drip Core here, as we've done webinars on the topic, and we have an action map breaking down GSA too.

If you want to stick with Fiverr and just have less control, then there are a couple of gigs that I'll recommend:

1) 25,000 GSA Ser backlinks Gig
2) OMEGA v1 Link-Building Campaign Gig

Just by using these gigs, you can start to rank your Shopify store for some easier buyer keywords. Like for example, maybe we could rank the example store for "Boston Terrier Merchandise," which gets about 200+ searches per month. Or maybe I could take some blog posts on our Shopify store and rank them for more specific keywords like "Boston terrier puppies" or "Boston terrier vs. french bulldog" and so on.

In the next post, we'll get more into creating search engine optimized blog posts on your Shopify stores and making them go viral.

Besides for using the myshopify sub domain, we can also use our own domains. And, just like I said before, we can swap them out whenever we want, which is great. Time to play around with expired domains!

Imagine you have a store all about Boston Terriers. Well, you could easily go into Drip Way and find a powerful, expired domain related to pets. You could then use this as your Shopify store domain and be off to the races. Before we even start adding products to our store, we could already have a powered up domain with pre-existing trust and authority... throw some more PBNs at our store, and we'll be ranking in no time.

What I love about Shopify and eCom is that you can actually build a REAL brand in the process; you can create a store around a certain niche, create a brand, and really scale it to the moon. It's an amazing opportunity right now, and I really want you guys to benefit from it. So with that being said, we're going to making this the Drip Apps eCom week. In a couple days, I'll be sending you another blog post on how we're able to create super viral posts on our Shopify stores that rank for hundreds of keywords on Google. So lookout for that.

Now look, I do realize that most of you have probably never even touched Shopify and have never done anything with eCom... don't worry, you won't be left out. eCom Premier Academy is getting ready to relaunch on November 10th and this is BY FAR the #1 eCom course out there. In fact, Drip Apps even created an entire section in the course all about SEO + eCom. I've seen hundreds and hundreds of newbies go through this course and get amazing results. People of all ages, backgrounds, different experience levels have had so much success in such a short period of time, and I really want you guys to be able to take advantage of this... so I decided to put together an insane EPA package for Drip Apps customers. Click here to check out the insane eCom Masters package + tons of massive student proof. 

I hope you enjoyed this post; whether you're interested in eCom or not, look out for my next post on creating viral, niche blog posts. You can use this strategy for Shopify stores but also for SEO affiliate sites too.

If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wyatt!

    Impeccable timing. My wife has been purchasing beads, jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, and novelty items for a year now at below wholesale, the house has become a storage place lol....

    So yes, please hurry up with other articles and the eCom Masters Package.



  2. Wow, this is great Wyatt. Thank you for sharing this. I just wish I could clone myself to implement everything!....I have the same idea as Jason, want to help my Mum sell her jewellery too!

  3. Oh yeah, not a bad method at all :)

  4. Hi Wyatt

    I have resisted Shopify for a long time, been thinking about how to do SEO on the site, but now I cannot wait to get more information and have my store setup.

    You are brilliant as always.

    Hope to see you next week on the event.

    Have a good one!

  5. Hi Wyatt,

    Great post. Very timely as I have just started to research Shopify and what the ideal set ups should be.

    I have recently rebuild my website blog (myfitx dot com) and now sit with a predicament. Do I create a whole new Shopify Store and move away from my current website set up, or can I keep what I created and integrate my Shopify Store with my Website Blog?

    Appreciate your assistance on this one :-)

    • Hey Sean,

      If your site is currently already setup with Shopify, you should simply be able to go into your store settings and change the domain to the MyShopify subdomain or you can add any other domain.

      Shopify is normally the whole "shebang." Think of it similar to the WordPress platform but built for ecommerce. However, they do have some features where you can "embed" products onto other sites (such as your blog) but that wouldn't give you the same SEO benefits.

  6. Wyatt why do we need to use Shopify? Could we not just build a WooCommerce/WordPress site? Or is it the DA from Shopify.com that makes that a dumb suggestion?

    • Shopify makes it super easy to sell physical products, the payment processing is easy, the shipping is easier to handle, etc. That's why I prefer using it. It's basically a simple WordPress built for selling physical products

    • It's as easy as wordpress and you get the added bonus of the DA. And you can swap out domains so why not use it! :)

      • So if I have my own branded domain is it a better idea in terms of SEO to use that and redirect to shopify as opposed to set up my own WordPress/WooCommerce site?

  7. Where do I get these products if I wanted to set up a shopify store like you have done in the example above?


    • Hey John!

      You can mainly get them from places like Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon, etc. Usually, you can buy them for very cheap and most of the sale will be profit. Stay tuned over the next few days!

  8. Been looking into this for the past few months and have yet to jump in, looks like I'm gonna be diving in tonight! Awesome to see you pump out some amazing content for those who may just be getting started. You've really grown over the last year as a business man! Kudos to you!

  9. Thanks for taking the blinkers off this - I purchased eComm Academy but the Shopify aspect put me off quickly - I shall now re engage!
    A very sane rundown.. excellent.

  10. This is the very reason why I always watch for your emails Wyatt. Everything are full of actionable tips. Thank you very much.

  11. Sorry Off topic, But this is in regards to your monthly course. Do you cover "landing pages" AFTER you've generated leads from Facebook? No one really goes in depth of what to do once you get the person to click on your ad. This is the kind of training I need to take this business to the next level. Thanks Wyatt

  12. Awesome information. Can you still take advantage of the high DA if you purchase your own domain under shopify? My current eshop is set up to redirect the shopify subdomain to the domain that I bought. I'm wondering if I can still take advantage of the parasite.

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