I sat there on a Saturday morning, wondering why my site was stuck at #15. After all the link building I was doing, it wouldn't budge, and I was running out of PBN links. I sat there and thought to myself: "I'm doing everything right, why isn't my site ranking?" I was wrong.

I wasn't doing everything right. I was half-way there, though, but what was missing? On-page. My on-page SEO was done in a few minutes, and I paid no attention to it. After changing it, I added no links. I think the saying goes "Time will tell", well, after 6 days...

And no links. In this post, we're going to be going over on-page SEO and although often overlooked, how important it is to your ranking strategy. We're going back to the basics and talking about on-page SEO, but not your “typical” on-page SEO. We’re delving into 3 “quick and dirty" techniques utilized by experts to yield massive results.

Optimize Your Links

http://dripapps.com/the-ultimate-guide-on-how-to-rank-your-website-in-2015 is not a URL that I would tweet, pin, or share on Facebook. Contrary to popular belief, a longer URL will NOT help you rank better. Google loves short and sweet URLs, and so do users. http://dripapps.com/complete-seo-blueprint is friendlier for users to share, meaning more social signals, and in the end, more traffic. More traffic + social signals = higher rankings + better user experience. I had a long and ugly URL, and after changing it, we went from #15 --> #11. Cool, but not good enough. How did we get to #8?

Optimize Page Speed

We know. You've heard it before, but we're telling you again: fast sites rank. This means removing unnecessary plugins on WordPress that cause load, compressing images (without losing quality), and using a CDN.

All of those plugins that you have enabled on your WordPress sites that you no longer use, delete them. They load on every single page and cause a sitewide stress on the server that causes your site to slow down. Check your plugins and see if you're loading anything unnecessary, if you're not, simply disable the plugin.

The next thing uses a tool called TinyPNG, a tool that lets you compress your images to a fraction of their size... for free.

All of the text on your website doesn't cause a load on your server, but the images do. Images are the main reason that sites are slow these days, especially when you're hosting large images or have your site relying on images for user experience. Compression will help your speeds, and Google loves that.

A content delivery network is a service that allows you to distribute your images, files, and core system across thousands of datacenters in several countries, meaning that your visitors can reach your site faster. If you don't already know, Google LOVES fast sites -- and your users will keep coming back for more.

Long Tail "Hack"

This on-page "hack" will allow you to dominate niches that you aren't even trying to rank for. Let's take a look at the following main keyword: how to whiten teeth

Normally, your page title would be: How to Whiten Teeth for Pennies on the Dollar, right? Well, what if we told you by adding two words, you can arise in long tails. Adding things like "cheap" "best" "2015" and "how to", you're able to leverage the power of long tails and rank for keywords like: how to whiten teeth 2015, best way to whiten teeth, and cheap ways to whiten teeth.

What would our new title look like? Take a look: How to Whiten Teeth - Cheap and Best Way (2015), and with that new title, we're adding thousands of potential visitors by ranking for easy keywords that nobody targets.

Here we witness a site ranking for longtails, outranking the authority site Time.com.

I hope you guys enjoyed this not-so-conventional on-page SEO tutorial where we discuss what really matters and what the pros target, instead of saying: hurr durr description title keyword tags (okay, maybe not exactly that, but you get the point).

And that's how I went from #15 to #1 with only on-page SEO.

To your success,
Yashar Ghaffarloo (The Drip Apps Team)

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  1. Great reminder of things we should be doing anyway. Thanks for presenting it in an easy to follow format. Need to remember to check page speed...

  2. Drip is dope

    Drip is life

  3. Great to learn these lesson early so we don't get into bad habits , Thanks Yashar

  4. The link on the footer of top10... is killing my heart...

  5. You're on Fire Yashar!!!!
    Two Great Posts in 4 days....

    BTW which Plugin you recommend for Meta Data - All in one SEO, Yoast, or the SEO starter by Wyatt.


  6. Hi; great info - sometimes we forget. By the way, I usually copy this type of information to a word doccie for later perusal, and notices you did not optimise any of the pics - they were HUGE!! (lol)


  7. Excellent cream of the crop info center Wyatt I could see more than a year ago you were one to watch. Have you bought your family anything interesting lately?
    Thanks for the killer content DripApps crew please keep it coming

  8. Great article Yashar. My only question is this. If I change my WP article title/URL, how will I deal with the fact that all my links to the previous longer URL that will be lost?

  9. Great one !
    adresses the fundamentals of Seo, that most people often forget to do.
    My friend did the same process (optimize his on page seo) and he got %233 INCREASE In Organic Traffic ..
    So, now you know it works :-)

    + I like that last part about long tail kw :)

  10. What is the ranking tracking tool shown in the screenshot? awesome article!

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