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  1. Can this work for websites too? Like to a money site?

    • It's not a long term strategy; I would only use it for throw-away web 2.0's

    • Hi Andi. We recommend using these on Web 2.0s, because the power can easily be multiplied due to their existing authority. It can be used for websites, but it's a churn and burn type method if used in that matter.

      Good luck!

      • Hello can you tell me more about churn and burn. How long does it last if i just fire a tons of links directly to the money site ?

  2. How about 301 redirecting domains with good TF and DA to YouTube vids? Is that working? Seems like it might be even more powerful than the method you propose.

    And does this work on other Web 2.0 sites like Weebly,, etc.?

  3. Could this be used to Amazon ? :)

  4. First, big shout out to both Wyatt and Alex for another awesome strategy. They could have easily turned this method in to the next "RANK ANYTHING NOW!" WSO and sold it, but instead they chose to give this method for free to their subscribers. Being in this industry for as long as I have, that decision to share a GOOD METHOD (even if it's short term) instead of charging for it, is not lost on me. So Thanks guys! (And thanks for the free tool too!)

    Ok, Now for my question: Last year you showed a method similar to this 301 method. I was wondering if that method would still work. And if so, would it work for a local niche with very low competition (under 10,000 exact match results, and the DA and PA of the first 3 sites to show up for the keyword, are all 15-20)?

    What I am looking at doing is setting that method up exactly as you described, but instead of sending GSA to the links, 301 re-directing several sites that I have that have high PA and DA, and letting that flow through, and then hitting the DA-PA sites with the GSA blast.

    I would love your thoughts!

    Thanks Again!

  5. Hello i bought your product Authority snap a while ago - it seems using the 301 redirects would be good for my docs on, Facebook pages and google docs. What do you guys think?

  6. What about only 3 links from a single domain holding weight? Are url shorteners different than regular websites with this method. Would it be better to use several different url shortening services?

  7. Hello,

    Keywords that don't have Youtube/video results on the first page should not be used. Is that a correct assumption?

    How do you guys generally find keywords that have YouTube results?


  8. Wyatt and Alex, would like to get 4-Part Web 2.0 Domination Action Map, but no option to pay by paypal?

  9. Hello, but how many time you rank your youtube video on google ? How many days ? Thanks you :)

  10. Thank you soo ooo Much Wyatt for this Cool strategy and yes, for the TinyURL redirects also. I will definiely use it for my clients. Keep up the good work.

  11. What is the anchor text variation on this do you have any guidance on what the anchor text should be to the tinyurl

  12. Hello
    Can we use ths technics for ranking a youtube video?
    By the way what youtube tag generator do you use? (betterwaytoweb,, jackpotkeywordmachine? others?)
    Or maybe you search your tag manually?

    • Tags don't help you rank in Google search, and for local clients, not many people search on YouTube for local services. I don't use any extra tags for local, but they work well in other situations. Just have a good description, maybe 50 words, and you should be fine.

  13. Hi Wyatt, you mentioned several times that this is not a long-term method so I want to rank my clients on local key phrases using the Google plus pages and some Google plus pages of creators my clients seem to be "stuck".

    I don't however want to damage these Google plus pages over time. Would this method be recommended for ranking their Google plus pages as a long-term strategy?

    Or should I only use YouTube videos that are disposable, in the sense that if this works now and Google comes along with the new update and all the sudden catches on to what people are doing here and puts the kibosh on it that, I haven't damaged any important long-term properties?

  14. interesting! going to give this a shot a forgotten video of mine...
    but with less urls to start...

    QUESTION: what are you doing about anchor-diversity when you submit via gsa, etc...?


  15. almost forgot ;0
    just grabbed your $7 trigger report and pondering upsell -
    even though i hate recurrings ;)

    you guys have a very efficient and economical way of delivering information
    (a nice change from all the puffed up egos out there in seo land, i.e.- blah, blah, blah and yada - yada)

  16. Hi,
    I tried to purchase but my payment gets declined.
    I'm using my payoneer mastercard.
    Do you have an option for paypal?

  17. Thanks for the method. Any gSA youll recommend?

  18. Thank you Wyatt. You talked about selecting about 10 keywords to rank for. Can you clarify, do you just build these keywords into your video title, description and tags, or do you use them as anchor text in your spammy links to the tinyurls? Thanks for your help.

    • 10 keywords as in completely different terms to rank for. Anchor text can be whatever when blasting these 301s, because, as explained in the video, they act as a coffee filter and filter out the crap.

  19. Hi Wyatt,
    Nice trick/tip to rank web 2.0
    If I hear ok, you say it is a short term strategy, right.
    Why the upsell with $7 product, please I respect you and your information; but the question is why I need to buy a product which in few words will work for a short time?
    let me k now
    Thank you

    • Hi Craig,

      There is no upsell, you are given free training and have the option to purchase a list of 101 other web 2.0s that this can be used on. If not, the method is still completely functional, and the only thing that is short term is the 301 method. Web 2.0s can be boosted and ranked much easier than normal websites, and not only with 301s as shown in this video.


  20. Can we use this method to boost citations and 2.0s that are on the first tier away from our money site? I.e. GSA --> TinyURL --> Citation/2.0--> $$ Site

    If so, should we take anything else into consideration? Or should this only be done to citation sources and 2.0s that don't rank well by themselves leaving Yelp and such to rank normally and only adding in a PBN push when needed?

  21. Would this work for ranking Amazon pages?

  22. How would be the anchor texts ?

  23. Hey Wyatt,

    Thanks for this great trick! Would you suggest not using this on any account that is traced back to me? ie. a Youtube channel that has my personal info...?

  24. I tried this method when it first came out on my Amazon product listing page. It never worked. Been doing seo for 6 years and it really seems that Google has some kind of special algo when it comes to amazon product listing pages. You can build as many high PR home page backlinks to those as you want. But they will never rank. I think the only way G ranks these pages is if the Amazon page is already getting tons of traffic by being ranked highly on Amazon's search engine. If not, you won't rank it in Google.

  25. Yashar I think these days people just use the term PR as meaning highly ranked.

  26. So how many GSA links should be sent to each TinyURL link?

  27. Is This Still Works?

  28. Great info and have not tried this as of yet. When you say web 2.0 meaning YT, Blogger, Tumbler, FB Fan Page? Thanks a million

  29. Wowww !!!
    Great method
    especially for affiliate videos :D

  30. UPDATE 03/Nov/15:
    TinyUrl links are getting deleted.

    Try instead. (best for personal links, worst for affiliate links)

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