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  1. What about linking to authority sites for rep management? Are we good to go balls to the wall 50% for their company name?

  2. What happened to the links you mentioned in the video- Thanks

  3. Using the Fivver links for pillowing. Do you think it is a big issue that they are non contextual? Would you use them on a long term money site? Thanks.

  4. Thanks

  5. Enjoyed the information. Thanks

  6. Branded Links 50% , what if it's an exact match domain? For example if we had ( what could we use for branded links?

  7. Thanks for this vidéo.

    About PBN, Do you host your PBN sites in more than 50 hosting company in order your sites are hosted on different IP?

    • Hi benito -

      In reply to your question- - you could certainly do that! BUT, I think you would soon burn yourself out if you did.

      Let's say, just as an example, you used Hostgator - no matter what hosting plan you chose, it would cost you "x times the number of PBN sites you had" which would be very expensive in the long run.

      But worse than that - your sites would be hosted on "shared" IP addresses, which is normal, and some could very well be "spam sites" that other people are hosting at the same place.

      Also - these type of hosting plans use what is called "C" IP addresses. (Standard run of the mill type of IPs).

      Wyatt does mention this in one of his training videos, (I can't remember which one), where he recommends using what is called ... "SEO Hosting"

      You can google them, or use Wyatt's suggestion.

      The great thing about SEO hosting is that you will get not a "C" IP address but an "A" which is a ton better :))

      PLUS - you will get an individual IP address allocated to each and every domain you wish to use.

      The cost is also a lot cheaper than using the idea you mentioned in your query.

      I hope that helped you!

      Best wishes -


  8. Awesome video! I have an important question that wasn't raised in the tutorial... OK, so 10% (max) for the keyword anchor text comes from your PBN links (or other high DA site) 30% are generic anchor text that come from fiverr links.... So where do the links come from for the other 60%? (branded anchor text, branded URL anchor text) Thank you in advance for your reply ; )

  9. What's a "pillowing" link??

    • Usually a lower quality link that helps "pillow" your money keyword anchor text ratios.

      • Hi, You answered Ryan's question (which was actually in the video) but you didn't answer my question about where the other 60% links come from? Fiver gigs?.... I would greatly appreciate the answer as this is a roadblock for me....(I'm sure others would benefit from it too) ; )

  10. Why no answer for George Lewington's question? I'd like to know as well. Isn't Google de-indexing sites that use a high number of links from "link farms" which to me means non-contextual, non-related sites?

  11. What if I have 3 keywords, Does it mean the anchor text ratio of 10% in total or each keyword...?

  12. I get a 504 error page when clicking the link to the resource?

  13. Wyatt,
    Completely unrelated to the video, but what type of lighting do you use for these videos? Also, what program do you use to key everything out? Thanks!

  14. Shot Wyatt - perfect breakdown. Hey what do you think about deep linking. When it's not to my homepage am I still using branded anchor text in the same ratios?

  15. These short informative videos that you post on a regular basis are absolutely wonderful. They serve as reinforcement for all that I'm learning - and often forgetting.:)

    So keep 'em coming. Thanks.

  16. Thanks, wonderful resource.

  17. How about EMD anchor text ratio?

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