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  1. #mind blown

  2. Hi.
    Thanks a lot for that Tuto.
    I'am a fresh newbie but I understood everything.
    Very powerful I must say.

    Can we scrape that on other blog platforms? even in french blog platforms? In France?

    Very Powerful !

  3. really powerful stuff mate... i am enjoying this free training and i want to hop onto your other services and buy your core subscription. do you accept paypal mate? really enjoying your tutorials i can get lots of money from this :^)

    cheers mate

    • Glad to hear, Marco! Currently we only accept cards from our merchant, and there's definitely some awesome content in there. ;)

  4. Very easy to follow. I'm looking to get started with the web 2.0 upsell, this looks really awesome and I could really use G scraper and Scrape Box to check those too right? Thanks guys!!


  6. Thanks so much for the method.. I have gone out & purchased GScraper :)

    Ok, so once we find an available username to re-register, do we need to:
    1) do something to re-index the web2.0 account?
    2) look into the backlinks of the URL? either for spam? or to make sure that the links linking to the web 2.0 are still live & not deleted?


    • You can usually tell from the URL if it's spam or not, but you're less likely to find spam with Tumblr. Reindexing comes naturally, but you can +1 and I find that it really helps when you share on Google+ and +1 as a post.


      • Cheers Alex.

        Is it normal for a tumblr blog to have 0 trust flow & 0 citation flow?? All the tumblr blogs i have found with 28+ DA have 0 TF & 0 CF.

        Would you still use a tumblr blog with these metrics to link to your money site?? Or do you still only link from a WEB2.0 with 15+ TF & 15+ CF like how we would when looking for a PBN domain?


        • Check those metrics on all 4 variations of the Majestic URL, it will most likely not be 0 then :) Next to the URL box, you have the option of choosing subdomain, root, etc.

  7. Nice post

  8. Aren't they all going to be gone when all the IMers grab these or do thousands come up every day like regular domains?

  9. Good info. Thanks!

  10. Thanks guys, just registered a free PA 29 I won't be paying a cent for, and I credit you both. :)

  11. Thanks for making this available- it looks very powerful.

    I can see that is a free service.

    Are you using/able to use the free version of Gscraper, or does the methiod require the paid version?

    Thanks again,


  12. Awesome & Thanks! Now, let's keep this our little secret.

  13. Very slick. Steps were clearly detailed. Helpful -- Thank you.

  14. Is there a limit on how many we can register per ip or email address?
    If there is, what is the limit we register per email or ip?
    I only ask because I've heard people loose batches of sites registered using common email or ip information.

  15. So much easier with Gscraper than scrapebox. Personally, I'm not registering any that have a Trust Flow less than 10.

    Would you recommend linking these to money sites or using them to power-up PBN sites?


    • Definitely! I link to money sites, and never build links to my PBNs. A PBN should have good links itself from the past, never ever build any links to your PBN.

  16. Wow. Nice...
    Are there instructions on how to do this with Scrapebox?

    How important is it to find niche-specific 2.0's?

  17. Excellent use of automation and mastering the matrix! Bookmarked! :)

  18. Cool!

    Do you register all your tumblrs on the same account or would this leave a footprint? Thanks.

  19. Great content .... are there any scraper tool that are free ??
    or lower cost ?

  20. You guys always do amazing things. I am very thankful for the stuff you share ,

  21. Just picked up a Tumblr account with a PA 44 with thousands of backlinks for free! Thanks a ton Wyatt, you rock!

  22. Same thing works with scrapebox fine, using addons "alive checker" (export not alive) and bulk authority check.

    Fyi livejournal does not let you rename your account with an expired one for free, they now charge 15 usd for that.

  23. Can I use this to rank my new website?

  24. One More Question, Can I use the $7 web2.0 method. To rank my website?

  25. good post

  26. Simply awesome!

  27. great video really excited ,was searching for this since 2 weeks...please if you can also explain the same with using scrapebox...or if you have any link or video tutorial which has explained the same concept using scrapebox..thankyou!

  28. The End result is GREAT !
    But the method takes a bit of time ..

    I do the same process and get results faster

    by installing an extension that uncovers broken links in pages

    I go to tumblr blog directories & use that tool :D

    Cool, huh ?

    Thanks for great post ;)

  29. you are a life saver man

  30. Only one word to say "Awesome"

  31. It never ceases to amaze me the ingenuity of seo experts like yourself I am learning so much cant thank you enough

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