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  1. I sure do appreciate you.............Thanks

  2. Thank you that was a great post even an idiot newbie like me understood what you were talking about and how this could work. Brilliant please keep it up.

    Kind regards


  3. Thanks for the to-the-point video lesson! I was puzzled though by your comment that you weren't looking for page rank, because it isn't as relevant anymore, but yet you spoke of creating "high pr" backlinks nonetheless. Perhaps it is just habit, or does "high pr backlink" now just mean "good quality." ? I look forward to more lessons.

    • So yeah, it's mostly just habit. PR still matters but we don't look for it when we're purchasing domains... instead, after doing our own research we can predict what the PR actually is.

  4. Thanks for that I always thought that the expired domain name should have some similar business type affiliation with the money site, but it seems that's not necessarily mandatory.

  5. Thank you for the post, Wyatt. When you buy "expired" domains, doesn't the previous owner have a grace period to buy it back? If so, we can't really work on it right away.

  6. Great video, so when you find your domain and purchase it , you have to transfer it to a hosting account and then what topic do you build the site about ? Should it be relevant to the money site your linking to ? And as far as the domain it can be anything as long as it meets the proper criteria ?

  7. I bought 5 domains with a PA/DA of 40 plus
    Paid less than $70 and thats with a whois guard on each

    thanks for your help Wyatt


  8. Expired and deleted domains are all the same correct? All I see in expireddomains.net is deleted domains.

    Also I'm still a little confused on the domains to buy. Say I'm in the health niche. Then from what I'm reading in the comments is that the domains I purchase don't have to be health related domains to link to my money site correct?
    Just as long as the show the criteria you outlined in the video correct?


    • Expired and deleted domains are two different things. Deleted domains can be great too-- you just have to do your research on them. Actually, sometimes it can be better to pick up deleted domains since there are no extra fees.

  9. Thanks Wyatt! I agree that even a newbie like me can comprehend easily the lessons. Looking forward for more.

  10. Great video man. Pure content. I have a question, when it comes to purchasing a domain for my keyword and niche, I was only able to find something in 2011 with a 13 domain authority is this something you'd recommend - and also what is the best way to go about this?
    Thanks in advanced bro!

    • Glad you liked it. I'd recommend looking a little bit harder. Usually it takes me about 30 minutes to an hour to find a domain that I like

      • Thanks man will do. What do you do about domains that are in auction settings on Godaddy? Do you just wait it out? Or go find new ones? I found some high 20 - 27 PR domains from like 09 but mainly auctions. I did bid on them, what would you recommend at this point bro?

  11. Good explanation Wyatt

  12. This tool is a must if you are serious about internet marketing.

    Roy Trevin

  13. As far as the quality of the Anchor Text, using moz how do you determine ?Or how can we use this system to get a better understanding? I purchase only one expired domain domain authority was 26 domain authority was 28 , very difficult trying to purchase 30 or above people are bidding like crazy

  14. I purchase 3 expired domains in 30 mins... All three had a DA of 42+ and a PR 40-48.. They were not spam to death with good minimal links , I had zero competition bidding against me and bought each one for $12..

    Got to use the search filter function correctly and it will pull thousands of high DA - PA sites up for expiration..

  15. Howdy Wyatt
    Got a possible dumb question but what do i do once I buy an expired domain? I realize that I should set up a blog of some sort, right? So I guess my real question is what content do you put on there? And won't whatever you put on your blog change the domain authority and pages authority?

  16. Wyatt,

    You mentioned linking multiple domains for greater impact. Is there any training, within the site, showing how to do this? Many thanks, Michael

  17. Thanks for the straight forward information. It is refreshing not to be hammered to buy another product.

  18. Hello again Wyatt.... To be honest with you I am still struggling to buy my first expired domain name and I purchased PBN when it first came out. I have watched your video several times now and understand what you are conveying. I have found a couple that I like but when I go to google and type in site:domain name there are no results. So that's telling me that something is not right with that domain name correct? In your training video you demonstrate what to look for but you don't actually go to expired domains site and do the research. You already have your domain picked out. To me it's very tough to look for a good expired domain that's not already taken or the cost is too high. Any additional training you can give in this area to help me get going with this project. I have a very good money site that the Alexa rank is around 500k and 2 keywords in the top 25 results. I don't want to mess this up. Please advise me. Thanks


  19. All good information. Still need to narrow my niche. Please talk more about linking to domain that are not necessarily in the same niche as my target market. How do backlinks work to elevate unrelated niches.

    Thanks for the simplicity of your videos. It really makes it digestible served in small bites.

  20. your link to moz only allows for 5 searches for free fyi

    • what the domain site says is not the same as moz, so whose data do I need to trust? I am finding it hard to understand from your video as expireddomains uses abbreviations such as bl-backlinks? and dp domain pop- you say authority, is this the same? You mention nothing about Alexa, its not important? can you do a screen shot and circle whats most important please~

  21. what about relevancy? if i found a good domain about health and point to my money site which is about dating will it work then?

  22. Thanks Wyatt - great info that all hangs together to build a real picture of how to do this.

  23. Great info wyatt. You are awesome.

  24. what do you think about domains with high DA but are chinese - there seems to be alot of them on expired domains

  25. Thanks for the great info! Between authority and age, which is more important? Which is better? A younger site with very high domain authority or an older site with lower authority? Thanks, Wyatt!

  26. Very clearly put....easy to understand and it makes sooo much sense for a nubie like me!
    Thank You.

  27. Wyatt:

    Great post. As you said, Moz does cost.... I looked at the page and after the first 30 day free trial... it's $99/mo... Do you know of any less expensive alternatives to look up Domain Authority and Page Authority?

    Thanks again.

  28. You said that relevance was not important when linking your expired domain site to your money site.

    I thought Google uses relevance when determining the value of a backlink?

    • Relevance is definitely important; however, the domain name does not have to be relevant as long as you just theme the site to be about whatever you're linking to.

  29. Hello Wyatt,

    I have been watching your videos and thanks for sharing these great information. I have a question from you in regards to expired domains. I find some expired dimomains with high dmain authorithy but when I check them through http://whois.domaintools.com/ I noticed that some of these domains has had one or two or more drops in search engines or I am not sure if that is what it means. Here is an example:


    As you see where it says "Registrar history" it says: 2 registrars with 1 drop .

    I saw a video about that on YouTube and someone was saying that means that domain was dropped in search engine so it is probably a penalized domain. Just wanted to see what your opinion is about that because sometime I find some domains that have high authority and good backlinks which does not look spammy but when I check the "who is" status like the example above it says 1 or 2 drops and I ignore that domain and don't buy it any more.....Is that something we should consider when we are looking for buying expired domains? Where it says 1 drop or so, does that really mean it had a drop in search engines?


  30. Hi,

    First of all I wish to compliment you for the quality and the high usefulness of your tutorials.

    That said I am questioning myself to actual effectiveness of "profiting" from Hi-PR expired domains.
    In fact it is over one year that Google in most cases de-index expired domains dropping any previous ranking at the same time.

    Where is possible to check/verify this?
    Any statistics that you are aware about?
    Is the behavior of Google different from case to case according to kind of domain/website niche?
    (and or its past history and content)

    You are the expert and a high competent and esteemed one...
    So, I'll trust every word in your feedback!

    Thanks in advance,


    (also sent in reply to your email)

  31. Moz is $99 a month, could you show us steps for good domains using Majestic SEO, way cheaper $40 a month!


  32. When doing to expired domains, what filter options should we use? People are talking about DA when seeing domains, I don't see the DA there, where is this?


  33. Very helpful. Thanks for going through the process.

  34. Watched this informative video a while ago and just watched it for a second time now. Awesome content, thanks. Have one quick question. In the vid you mentioned that you want to link your expired domain to your money site, how do you link your expired domain to your money site? Many thanks.

  35. Sorry, please ignore above comment I figured it out , Thank you.

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