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  1. I am in the most extreme competitive field and my competition keywords are car accident attorney. So I got a gig from fiverr to get the back link profile from the top 3 sites. Great so now what? I was surprised they didn't have that many back links but it was around 35.

    So how would you reverse engineer this back link package? Do you just get 75 goods links from PBN, do you try to get the same back links?

    • hey man, are you even aware of the way you come across in this reply.. and more likely than not, most all of your written communications? Think about it, it's no wonder that this and an estimated 9 outta 10 of your inquiries or questions go unanswered.

      If that's the tone and the delivery you use when asking for something, from a successful and busy individual ( Wyatt )
      well, Marketing likely will not be where you will find your greatest success.

      but what do i know..

      - JT

      • ** WYATT **

        I HOPE YOU KNOW.. my prev post was bout the first comment
        And Not You. just not my usual post and this is conseq
        - I meant well.

  2. Great post Wyatt, keep it up!

  3. Thanks Wyatt, awesome content as always. Thanks. Keep it up man!

  4. When I clicked on the link to download the pdf I got the following message, "You have reached a domain that is pending ICANN verification." It looks like you can reactivate the domain by going to the download link under the video and entering a code.

  5. Hey bro. this is an amazing pdf and training cheat sheet. you've just summarized 3yrs of online training in a few pages for me. you've gave me the confidence that can rank any website. This the right way of teaching SEO.

    Thanx a lot bro. can't for the next training on backlinks

  6. This really helped me become more confident in doing SEO for my first site and the keyword I chose. The top 5 SERPs have barely any backlinks and low trust flow / quality.

    I know without a doubt that I could build better backlinks. Even if I simply rented HQ backlinks, which I plan on doing ;)

    About to dive into the PBN Security webinar in the University!

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