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  1. Hi

    I liked the video and the method.

    So for example if I have a blog about meditation I look for the resource sites related to meditation and check if there is any broken link there. If I find one I check who linked to this broken link and then get in touch with them asking if they would like to link to my blog or some specific post on this blog instead? Is that right? Or am I missing something?

    • Hi Luke,

      Yep! Check out the hidden resources (share to unlock) for our exact email template that has a HUGE success rate! :)



  2. Great method to get backlinks! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the video and good share of your methods.

  4. video scrolls but never plays, just see black frame where video should show?

  5. Thank you for the training...it was very informative. How is itvperceived by site owners with the broken links to replace that resource link with your link which goes to a commerce website where w something is being sold whether it is products or services? Thank you
    BTW. You look very much like Dan DaSilva

    • Hi Missy!

      As long as the link that was broken is relevant to the new one, then you're fine! If the product page is relevant to the broken page, then it's all good. :)



  6. Hmmm strange... some error on youtube

  7. Great video info...

  8. Great info. Thanks a million

  9. Great. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Can't access video even after updating flash and shockwave and sharing on facebook ?

  11. Wyatt —

    Brilliant way of thinking. This is the type of content that I am looking for. This is the only SEO blog that I can trust, you and Alexander really make a great pair. ViperChill is no longer active and Becker posts the same videos over and over again. Video is great, and I just picked myself up a Gscraper license. Keep up the good work, both Wyatt and Alexander.


  12. Hi Wyatt,
    I really enjoyed the training video. Also, the two methods were very informative and useful. Thanks for your help and support. A quick question- would you share your setup with your virtual server and pc with us. I'm curious and think it would be interesting and helpful.


    • Hi Mike,

      We're currently using a $399.00/mo dedicated server package from OVH, but we use this for heavy link building. A $20 VPS will work, from any provider, and it will do the job just fine. We use this server for so much more than just this method, so that's why it's so costly.



  13. WoW! brilliant advice. You guys are so kind and generous for sharing your info. Really really appreciate it.

  14. Downloaded linkchecker for firefox, installed it, where can I find it in my browser? In video you minimized your browser and it was at top of your desktop. mmmm


    • Hi,i just watched your video,thank for teaching us.If i understand well,i should to check the broken links and e-mail the administrator using your e-mail template?

      Best regards,Tomas

  15. Hi Wyatt and Alex, I hope you are both doing well. I wanted to thank both of you for providing a lot more than just post value, you are the reason I am still in business. I really was struggling to get new clients, and with the increasing costs of every day life, I couldn't live off of just working for my old ones. Alex's methods have helped me, starting with the first PBN post. I've been following the blog since then, lurking around. I've finally implemented some of the methods, starting with the Academia, and I'm #1 for lawn mowing in my city, and #3 for my state. The keyword for the city has 10 monthly searches, and for the state there are 170 searches. I have gotten a few calls in the past week and I have some new clients for my lawn mowing and snow shoveling service. I don't have that kind of money to buy a G-scraper subscription or a virtual server (I run my gsa at home pc) but I am very grateful. Thanks to both of you.

  16. Nice information, i will try this method out. What is the name of the content Locker
    you are using? I need something like that on my blog.

  17. Goodmorning Wyatt,

    How much you would charge me to do this back link process?


    • Hi Kenneth,

      Unfortunately we don't offer this service, just watch the video and follow the process :)

      • Good Afternoon Wyatt,

        So do I have to order scrapbox & will this method work to rank my site on page 1 on goolge naturally in a very competitive working from home niche with keywords like "how to make money online" & "make money online"?


  18. Hey Wyatt!!! Great stuff.... Just Awesome!!!!
    Not even find this method on big sites like backlinko and quicksprout.
    Especially how you used Gscraper. I just Loved it!!!

  19. Heya Alex / Wyatt, Please could you share the modifiers you used in this video? Greatly appreciated, Sean.

  20. Hi wyatt , Mindblown Video thank u , I just want to see i have shared in order to get the Nice Email but i didn"t get anything .

  21. Thanks Wyatt for the insightful video.

  22. Great resource...simple Whitehat...luv it...Keep them coming...

  23. just found this video. are resources you mentioned still available? email template, the search strings, etc.

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