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  1. Nice dripp tip.

  2. Good tutorial.

  3. Very helpful.

  4. Excellent info as usual, Wyatt, thanks. 2 Questions-
    a) For a local site and assuming , as you said, we need 15 PBN's for ranking, what would be the linking speed, or how many PBN's links per week or day are we going to send to the local site we want to rank?
    b) In the same case as above what would be the anchor text percentage for exact keyword, related and generic for the 15 PBNs?
    Also I want to take the opportunity in congratulate you, not only you are a great SEO but you have surrounded yourself with also great people in your team. Keep it up.
    Also to give you recognition, there is a new training called RYS academy, very expensive, where the author claims he doesn't know about anybody else teaching what he proposed in his trainning which is using google properties to rank high in google, for sure he did not have your Authority Snap training where you teach how to use google docs to do it! Congratulations

    • Hey Mario, thanks for the kind words :)

      To answer your questions:

      a) 15 PBNs is actually quite a bit for most local keywords. Generally you'll need 5-15 good PBN links to make it happen. I like to mix up the timeframes, but generally I'll build 1-2 links in a single day at most. In the beginning, I'll take it slow and just build a few links to see if there's any movement.

      b) Good question-- I actually made an entire video about this topic. You can watch it here:

  5. I will try it out! But most of these gigs work for the english language. I have a dutch site and video in the netherlands, is it going to be a problem? But anyway i learned something from you again,thanks to you all.

    The Netherlands

  6. G'Day from Australia,

    Awesome video Wyatt. As always you certainly know how to deliver quality free and paid for services.

    Many thanks,

  7. super helpful. thanks.

  8. Hello

  9. How can I reset my password for drip way?

  10. great idea - just specialising in one area and reusing pbns

    would make it worth while spending a fair bit on each pbn

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