Hey guys, Wyatt here…

So, our last few posts here on have been related to specific SEO methods/techniques— stuff that you can implement right away and get results with.

However, I think it’s really important to understand the bigger picture when getting into or growing any business.

See, I want you to stop thinking of SEO as a quick way to make money online; I want you to start thinking long term. I want you to think of SEO as this: A way to generate traffic for either A) Your business or B) Other Businesses

That’s it… Just a way to generate free traffic

With that being said, it’s should be easier to grasp the fact that there are a lot of other important aspects besides quick little tricks that can get you ranked.

As a write this post, I’m currently flying back to Tampa, Florida from Cancun, Mexico; I was at 2-day business seminar with Grant Cardone (Sales Master). It was called the “10x Seminar,” and it was definitely an eye-opener. While it wasn’t related to SEO in any fashion, everything that was taught can be applied in our industry.

So… I’m going to put myself in your shoes (assuming that you haven’t had very much success with in the SEO business)

I asked myself, “What would I do if I were starting from scratch?

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have multiple streams of income; eventually (were I starting from scratch) I would want affiliate sites, my own products, clients, and maybe even an outsourcing service. This way, if one of my sites dies or if a client leaves, nothing really changes. Money is still coming in from multiple sources.

In the beginning, however, I think it’s vital to pick only ONE thing and stick with it until you get results. Laser Focus. In this post, I’m going to show you how you can build out an entire client SEO business from scratch. In my opinion, it’s one of the simplest & fastest ways to build a 6 or even 7 figure income with SEO. I’ve seen it happen many times; I’ve even seen it happen in a VERY short period of time… sometimes just months.

So where do you begin?

First of all, it’s important to understand that the ONLY thing that gets you paid is when a client hands you a check. Plain and simple.

Learning SEO does not get you paid. You can be the world’s greatest SEO… the best on the planet, but if you don’t have any clients handing you checks, then you’re not making money.

It’s a simple concept but many have a hard to grasping it. When most get started, they want to spend the fist x-period of time learning the ropes, figuring out link-building, and becoming the best possible SEO.

But why do that? Why not get your first Client, and THEN figure out how you can get them ranked.

“Commit first, figure it out later” - Grant Cardone

Okay, now here’s the situation: You’re a brand new SEO, you have very basic skills, no clients, no proof… who in their right mind would hire you? Hopefully no one.

So in some way, the first step is to become TRUSTED.

People trust for the wrong reasons. As Dan Kennedy says, you can manufacture trust, so that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing.

See, many people think that they need to start out by charging WAY less than your competitors and by just becoming the cheapest solution. It’s just not true. In my opinion, you need to position yourself as the best— right out of the gates.

Before I did ANYTHING, I would get myself a website, come up with a brand name, and get a logo designed. If you want to bring in clients that pay you 5-figures a year, then you need to position yourself as an authority.

One of the easiest ways to position yourself as an authority in the eyes of a prospect is to put yourself slightly out of reach. Make THEM want to be your client, not the other way around. Make THEM fill out an application form, and tell THEM that you will have to get back to them if they’re the right fit.

And when you DO get back to them, please, make sure NOT to give them a cookie-cutter solution. Nobody wants a one-size fits all type of product.

So just with these few startup adjustments that we made… let’s see where we’re at:

1) A prospect is introduced to your site

2) The prospect instantly sees you as a business as an authority. They see your website, your company name, and your logo. They assume, right off the bat, that they’re not just hiring one clueless shmuck to do their SEO (Not that you’re a clueless shmuck)

3) Hopefully they’re welcomed with some kind of video (A video that positions you as an authority… we’ll get into this later)

4) They see that as a business, you don’t take on EVERY client… Only the RIGHT clients (They have to qualify)

5) They have to fill out an application and WAIT to be accepted before they can even pay you

6) You get back to them in a short (but definitely not instantaneous) timely fashion with a CUSTOMIZED solution for their business. Like I said before, nobody wants a cookie-cutter solution. You need to give them a customized solution and tell them WHY they need it. (Think of a doctor prescribing a medication)

Just with these few simple adjustments, your prospects will see you as an authority to some degree. Definitely more of an authority than someone who just cold calls their office and says, “I can get you ranked on page 1”

Trust me when I say, they’ve heard that before.

Moving forward, we’re still going to need to manufacture more trust. This can be done a few ways.

The easiest way is to show your prospects results that you’ve gotten before, and/or positive customer testimonials. Even better, show them that you’ve gotten similar businesses results. However, if you’re just starting out, then you don’t have any of the above.

It’s hard to get someone to hand you a $3,000 check if you don’t have any proof that your stuff works… but there are definitely ways to do it.

One of the ways is a simple method that I was taught by a good friend of mine, Kotton Grammar. He calls this method SEO Splitting; the concept is simple: you offer your prospects a low-priced, simple, irresistible offer that they don’t have to think twice about. Promise something SMALL, deliver on this SMALL promise… and then boom, instant trust has been earned— even if it was a $20 job.

After delivering, this client will be much more likely to hire you for a larger service. Why? Because he trusts you. He has personally seen you deliver on your promises.

Before we continue, I just want to make sure we’re clear. The business of Client SEO is hardly SEO at all. If you’re in client SEO, then you’re in the business of selling.

Another way to quickly establish your business as an authority is to rank your site for some sort of local SEO keyword. It doesn’t have to be a hard keyword. Let me repeat, it does NOT have to be a competitive keyword. Just rank for any “city + SEO” or “Best SEO in city” or “city SEO expert”

However, don’t get caught up on this. Just think of it as another way to quickly build authority.

These two methods are great ways to stand out and foster trust between you and your prospects.

Let’s not forget about word of mouth— referrals. Referrals are perhaps the easiest way to pass along trust. When someone recommends your business, what they’re doing is giving their OWN word that you are someone that can be trusted.

See, with Client SEO, your first client should be the hardest to close. Once you bring in your first client, the momentum will start to build (or least it should if you do it the right way)

I did a blog post not too long about about the “Client SEO Snowball Effect,” in this video, I show you how you can turn one client into 10 clients, and how you can turn a prospect who says NO into 3 new clients. Yup, you can get people who initially say no to help build your business.

Okay okay… so at this point you will be seen as an authority in the eyes of your prospects, but what do say in the initial proposal? How do you close them?

First and foremost, you need to tell them what they wan to hear. They don’t care about your link building tactics. They don’t care about how you can get them ranked on the 1st page. All they care about is ROI; All they care about is you making them more money than they’re spending.

This is why it can be beneficial to go after prospects who make a lot of money per sale. Why? Because it can be easy to convince them that they’re going to get an ROI from your service. For example, a surgeon may only need to make one sale to pay for an entire year of your SEO service.

So if you’re just starting out, try to target prospects that can understand why it’s so important to be generating free traffic for their business. Traffic = more leads. More leads = more sales. Help them understand that your only goal is to make them WAY more more than they’re going to be paying you.

What about guarantees? Guarantees can be a great way to reduce risk and make the sale easier. This doesn’t mean that you have to promise Page 1, spot #1 rankings. Think outside of the box… get creative with your guarantees. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

It may seem overwhelming at this point, but Client SEO really is a simple game. On top of that, you can build up a ton of momentum with almost no effort.

Obviously we didn’t really dig too deep into detail with this post, but it should’ve sparked some really good ideas in your mind. Hopefully you had some sort of “AHA” moment along the way.

If you enjoyed this post, make sure to share the love. Also, leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

To your success,
The Drip Apps Team

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  1. Go one, spill the beans and tell us some more about them guarantees :-)

  2. Good stuff

  3. Great advice on building authority. Thanks

  4. - I realized as I was reading this Wyatt, it was as though it was being read to me. Not only that, but all the different scenarios you were describing.. for some reason were so vivid. ( i.e. your return flight home, closing that first seo deal ) - and no, I don't smoke the bob marley. I am aware this is an unusual post, I couldn't agree more. I was just about to delete it but for reasons unknown at the moment, it's being pushed through. i don't know if you wanna hear this or not, you most likely already know.. you will be expected to write big, later on.. that's a good thing. I gonna go golf.

  5. ....thxs for ideas...great post...

  6. Yeah, we need some sample of guarantees :)

  7. Once again thanks for the "BIG" push Wyatt! I was sidetracked for a little while but now you have me ready to commit again. And one more thing as some of the others mentioned, please tell us a little more about the guarantees. :)

    Thanks so much!

    • yeah got my first client, not $1000's of dollars but on the Hundred's now what? what to do something quick but what in the world do i do?

  8. Thanks for that Wyatt excellent article just on building my brand at the moment so loads of good ideas. Keep it up.

  9. Hi Wyatt,

    That's definitely a great motivating post and it really strike a chord with me on my repeated failed attempts.

    Looking forward to see your next post on how exactly should I do to really get that first client. To me, it seems like a distant galaxy.

  10. I offer clients a guarantee. I guarantee to work diligently for their business growth and then I do. I sometimes guarantee to get them more phone calls and ask that whoever answers their phones please ask how the caller found their number (they've probably not been doing this so when they hear any of their callers say, "I found you online", they priase me for it).

  11. All usable advice. Look forward to more posts on this that would expand on tips for the authority seo website (application form, landing page video) etc.

  12. Great post Wyatt.. thanks ;)

    However, I received a link to a few posts on the Warrior Forum where the OP stated, "I'm having problems landing my first local SEO client..."

    The in-depth replies offered in response to this guy's request for help are to say the least DEEP.

    These guys talk about actually managing their clients websites, (i.e doing all the clients on page SEO and LOTS MORE!)

    I thought Cloud PBN and starting a client SEO business was about getting clients' sites ranking for keywords using the power of our PBN.

    Once we have our own sites ranking to give us authority in the eyes of potential clients, it would be interesting to know whether or not we need be concerned with the work discussed in this thread:

    I liked what one guy wrote about SEO. He said, "SEO does NOT take time. it takes hold or it doesn't."

    But as for everything else mentioned - I have to say, I was totally lost and I felt out of my depth.

    Comments anyone?

  13. Very impressive SEO client method

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