Hey guys, Wyatt here

And today I brought on Alexander to discuss his unique PBN relevancy tactic.

This method will allow you to take PBN sites that were once in the gaming niche for example and use them to link to money sites in the health niche.

Why is this important? Well going into 2015, relevancy is more important and powerful than ever.

Method difficulty: Hard


Hey, Alexander here

In today's post, we're going to be breaking down PBN link relevancy to a formula and also show you how to make your old, irrelevant PBN sites just like new, relevant ones no matter the niche.

Before we jump into the actual post, let's take a look at why relevancy when linking is important.

We have two sites in our network, site #1 is in the health niche and site #2 is in the gaming niche. Stats are displayed below.

Site 1

  • PR 2
  • DA 28
  • PA 31
  • TF 17
  • CF 18

Site 2

  • PR 3
  • DA 34
  • PA 32
  • TF 21
  • CF 19


Our money site is going to be receiving a link from each of these sites. The money site is promoting the Fat Loss Factor, a popular weight loss product on the Clickbank Marketplace (similar niche used, hidden for privacy).


Which one of these is going to provide more power to the site? Well, the answer is the first site.


Although it has lower metrics, it is in the health niche. This added relevancy is a powerful signal that Google takes into account when determining the power of a link. Simply put, if a health site links to another site in the same market, it shows that this authority site vouches for the quality of the other health site. Now, the second site in the gaming niche, let's say it links to the money site as well. The gaming website has no authority in the health market, yet it is linking to a health site. Think of it like a chain from one site to the next: although it is a stronger chain, there's a gap where some link juice leaks through because of the niche.


These aren't just random numbers that we pulled from thin air, we ran some tests, and the results are below. Keep in mind, this keyword has over 300,000 monthly searches.



This is why relevance is important, and also why you should focus on getting sites in your PBN that are relevant to your money sites. You're probably thinking... Alexander, I know this, but I'm in the XYZ niche and it's very hard to find relevant sites that are spam free, what should I do?

Good thing you asked, let's jump right into actual tutorial. This one is going to be a bit more advanced, but as soon as you master it, it'll be part of your routine and will only take a few minutes.

The first thing you want to do is take the amount of sites in your PBN and divide by 10. If I have 30, I'll end up with 3.

This is how many new domains you're going to need. If you end up with a number that isn't whole, round. If you have 34 sites, round down to 3, but if you have 36, go up to 4.

We're going to be purchasing 3 new domain names in this case, you should do this the way you would with any PBN domains. Different whois information is a must, adding privacy is an acceptable solution as well.

Think of names for your new sites, and since I'm in the health niche, I'll use the following:

  • MySimpleHealth.org
  • Effortless-Health.net
  • NewHealthySolutions.com

Diversification is key, since these are fresh domains, you're going to want to mix up the TLD's (top level domains) and leave no footprint.

The names aren't that important, they don't need to be brandable because they aren't going to be used as money sites, but they should be somewhat relevant to the niche you're in.

A question that we get frequently is if registrars should be diversified like hosting. A registrar isn't as big as a footprint as an IP address from hosting, as there are only a limited number of registrars (the ones like NameCheap and HostWinds resell off of ones like eNom) - it shouldn't be something stressing you out, but if you have a bigger network, it's best to spread the domains across a few registrars. Spreading the registration of the domains over a few days is something that we recommend, since these are new sites and have no previous authority.

In this case, since we're only registering 3 domains, using one registrar and different whois information is enough.

You're going to want to go ahead and host these on different IPs just like you would with normal PBNs. C-class IPs won't cut it, these are new sites and are under higher surveillance than any of your PBN domains. You can use hosting packages from HostNine and spread the new sites among different A-class IPs on servers residing thousands of miles away from one another.

Just as you would with any other PBN site, install a CMS such as WordPress and set up different themes. Here's where it gets tedious.

On each of your new sites, you're going to want to...

  • Add 1 article a day over the next 7 days (strictly no outbound links)
  • Submit these domains to social bookmarking sites manually (such as Reddit)
  • Share, tweet, and pin these on social media sites a few times per day (use different social media accounts for no footprint)


This is going to be a tedious process, but it saves you hundreds, if not thousands, in costs for relevant PBN sites in your niche. The main reason that we do this is to spark some natural interest and show that these aren't just pointless articles that we're adding, they are valuable and people are sharing and interacting with them on social networks. Google will later pick up links to these sites which will make them even more powerful, but more on that later.

After the week is over, make sure that you add a post to the sites the next day - do not wait to post it, as Google sees new natural content coming in for 7 days and it will seem unnatural for you to stop posting all of a sudden and then add a post. Include a link to your money site, and you're done with these sites. You can add an article every few weeks if you'd like, but make sure that the post with the link to your money site doesn't roll off from the homepage - it will be receiving links from our PBN, and not only the inner page will be given authority with our PBN links.

You may be thinking where your PBN comes in play in this process. Now, you link the homepage and the inner page (the post link where you linked out to your money site) on your feeder sites. This does not mean that you should link to both in one post, but that you should diversify it. Sometimes link to the money site, and other times link to the actual post link. This makes it seem more natural and adds a randomness factor - essentially removing any possible footprint from the process.

Let's say we have 30 sites in our network, here are 5 sites (randomly selected) and where they link:

  • Site #1: Inner page of new site
  • Site #12: Homepage of new site
  • Site #17: Homepage of new site
  • Site #24: Inner page of new site
  • Site #30: Homepage of new site

Is all the work worth it? Let's see.

From #100 to #1 in 10 days with 3 links. Was it tedious? Yes. Was it worth it? Definitely. This keyword has less searches that the previous one, but still, dominating a search term with 174,000 exact monthly searches (and growing) in 10 days with some extra work.


That's all for today's post, as always, comment below if you have any questions and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


To your success,

The DripApps Team

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  1. Wow, awesome and informative content I just read there!

    I only have one question about the setup:

    Q: So basically these new fresh sites act a filter for the PBN's to create that relevancy, correct?

    • Hi Nick,

      You got it! You're making niche relevant sites and boosting the authority with your PBN blogs. Then these authoritative domains can be pointed to your money site for high quality, relevant links!

  2. Great post. When you run majestic on your new themed domains what does Majestic show as the topical trust of your domain? And if you run Majestic on your moneysite what does Majestic show as the topical trust of the link from your new themed domain?

    Pretty cool if you can actually sculpt trust flow like this.


    • Hi Scott,

      So far, Majestic hasn't picked up any of the links that I've created. Ahrefs is what I recommend, as it does recrawl the links and check back for new outbound links, but Majestic really lacks that feature. There will be trust flow as soon as Majestic-12 (the Majestic crawler) sees the sites, but the topical TF would be mainly general niches such as news and politics (this is because my PBN sites are mainly in those niches). You can predict this, or get a better idea, by looking at the topical TF of your PBN domains, it should give you a good idea of what the new, niche relevant, sites will look like as soon as they're crawled by Majestic.

  3. So I lost where the non-relevant niche 'Gaming Site' #2 links to... are you linking that to the 3 new sites you created that are related the your main 'Health' niche? And then those 3 new sites each link to your money site?

    • Hi DK,

      No, this was just something that was shown before I showed you what to do. It shows that relevance is a factor that is heavily weighted.

  4. Instead of PBN can we add SAPE links or similar, to these sites that link to our money site?

    • Hi,

      SAPE is great, but it is really not something that you have full control over. The other outbound links are pharmacy and spammy niches used by Chinese and Russian spammers, so I'd steer clear from SAPE, especially for these newer sites.

  5. Hello Wyatt,

    So basically what we are doing is that we are linking from our existing pbn to other site (myhealthsite.org in this case) which will further link to our money site?

    • Hi James,

      That's it! You're boosting the authority of the new sites and making them seem viral by adding content and sharing on social media and sites like Reddit. Then you link to your money site and get a huge boost of relevant, high authority links.

  6. Absolutely love this PBN info Wyatt. Having a step by step system or software in place to assist accomplishing this do this would be so cool! :-)



  7. Could you 301 redirect none niche relevant domains to the new niche relevant sites you created?

  8. Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt...

    This is the type of content that you can find on no other SEO blog. A lot of the blogs beat around the bush and don't give you the full information, but this is why I love DripApps: you give us everything we need, and then some.

    Alexander, my man, what I'd give to get in your head and see what you're thinking. SEO is unpredictable, and your posts really give me clarity on SEO a whole. Really would appreciate it if you could post more often, it really helps people like me who have been in SEO for a very little amount of time.

    Killer content, both of you!


  9. Hello Alexander,

    In regards to the parts that we should submit the new site sto social media and twitting about it, would you recommend a service that we could just pay them and they would take care of that part like a fiverr gig or something?

  10. Just wondering one thing, you would end up with TONS of social accounts right? Like in the 10+ per website per relevant site so it would go up to the hundreds wouldn't it?

  11. Badass!! Thanks!!!

  12. Any length for the articles on the pbn filters??

  13. Since Tumblr, WordPress.com and Weebly have high Domain authority, wouldn't it be a good idea to send those PBN links to these relevant Web 2.0s and then from those Web 2.0s link to our money site?

    • Hi Irry,

      Hosting these sites yourself gives you leverage in the sense that you can control every aspect; usually with Web 2.0 properties, they get deleted soon after creation. Since you'd be using a subdomain, some power would be diluted and you wouldn't really benefit from the domain authority, so I recommend using your own domains.

  14. Great Tutorial Alexander :)

    I'd like to get more clarity about how you link your OLD PBN's to these NEW Domains.

    If you have 30 OLD PBN's and 3 NEW domains do you:

    a) Link all 30 PBN sites to all 3 New domains. That would be 30 links to each new domain (for a total of 90 links)

    b) Link only 10 of your PBN sites to 1 New domain.


    PBN site 0-10 -> New Domain 1
    PBN site 11-20 -> New Domain 2
    PBN site 21-30 -> New Domain 3

    This is a total of 30 links and keeps everything unconnected.

    As well, I presume that to keep relevancy high you use some money keywords as anchor texts to link out from the PBN sites to the NEW domains.

    But to keep the NEW sites looking "natural" you must also use some url and brand type anchor texts when linking from PBN's to the New Domains. Correct?!

    Much gratitude for your reply :)

    • Hi Michael,

      Option B is the way that the process should be done, this eliminates any connection between the three new sites. For anchor text, I like to diversify it up - Wyatt actually made a video about that recently, so you should check it out.

  15. Hi Guys

    Awesome content yet again. I know that with the teachings from you guys 2015 is going to be a good year for me.

    Hope 2015 sees you guys reach your goals as well.

    All the best.

  16. Hostnine IP's are C class Ip's. Is this ok?

    • Hi Elgin,

      No, they are not. The different locations provide different A-class (at least is B-class) IPs. HostNine is only a recommendation, feel free to use any host that you see fit. What I like to do is ask them for sample IP addresses from multiple companies and then make sure that I get unique IPs, this means that any hosting footprint issues are out of the picture. :)

  17. As always, brilliant information - this is stuff I would never have dreamed up! Many thanks!!

  18. Great article!

    What about the anchor texts?

    From the 3 new sites to money sites.
    From the PBN to the 3 new sites.

    • Hi Peter,

      I like to keep it natural and diversify it up. Wyatt actually made a video on anchor texts recently, so feel free to check that out for a refresher.

  19. Let me get this straight...

    Post articles for 7 days, then post article with link in it to money site and make sure it sticks on home page. Then, we link to both article with link AND homepage of new site with about 5 PBN's? Repeat for each new site you create.

    Question: What is the relevance of linking PBN to article post if it is on the homepage anyway?

    • Hi Neil,

      You link to the homepage or the inner page, this adds a layer of diversity and means the inner page doesn't get blasted with a huge amount of links while the homepage gets none, and vice versa. They both have the same content and the outbound link, but linking to one or the other is just another security measure.

  20. Hello Alexander,

    Congratulations on your outstanding creativity.
    Now just answer me one question, which will prevent the new relevant sites to rank in front of our money site?

    • Hey, Ronny. If I were you, I would monetize the sites and make them look good just in case that does happen. Then, if the DO outrank the money sites, they'll still make you money!

  21. One question about the original PBN: are you linking to the new health sites with PBNs that are just general PBNs but re-themed to be relevant? IOW, when building the main PBN (the "30" in the example), do they need to be relevant to the health niche when purchased, or do they just need to be themed for the niche before linking to the new domains?

  22. Alexander,

    Fantastic article. Love the sharing. Couple of quick questions:

    How themed do you go with the articles?

    For example, if I'm in the HGH niche, would you use three health sites full of HGH information for the articles? Or would you go more general with the "health" articles?

    I'm going to give this a solid test, so I'd love to know. Thank you and I appreciate it.

  23. What if you have a small network as of right now with only 5-10 domains?

  24. thanks for sharing this. I found some new ideas in the article I will test.

    I have to contradict on some points though

    I dont believe so much in relevancy. Of course if the PBN has little relevancy to the money site you have to be a bit more aggressive with the anchor.

    The first graphic is supposed to prove that a link from a PBN with higher relevancy has more power although the site has weaker metrics. Well after the first link was added ranking goes from 70 to 30, after the second link is added from 30 to 10 (approximately). Often it is harder to go from 30 to 10 than from 70 to 30. So you could even claim that metrics is more important than relevancy...

  25. Quick question: do you link only the new sites to the money site, or do you still maintain links from the original PBN also to the money site?

  26. Would the optimal alternative to this stragety be to find and purchase a decent PBN domain that is already relevant to your money site, say when researching the domain you found a handfull of good urls in the way back machine and recreated the urls with that or similar content. I realize this is easier said than done in some markets. I was also wondering if instead of using the method above, would it be effective to grab an expired domain, create content that is relevant to your money site, and then carefully build new links to the domain with anchor text relevant to the new content and your money site? my thinking is that if done properly and over time, the backlink profile would become more and more relevant as the % of relevant links would increase in relation to the overall profile. I guess a side effect would also be more strength to the PBN. Although this method would take more time and cost etc, but I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks for the quality post as well.

  27. This strategy works wonders! Is this considered blackhat, grayhat, or whitehat?

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