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  1. Well put. Thanks.

  2. Superb video all round. Thank you Wyatt for breaking down the links types and how they are used. I've learnt so much from this alone.

  3. Awesome stuff! thanks man.

  4. I loved it. Anchor text isn't hard, but so many get their sites destroyed from doing it wrong. Nice job and thanks!

  5. Thank you so much.

  6. Solid info, thanks. You put emphasis on linking to specific blog posts/inner pages from a PBN because it's a contextual anchor. What if the money site is only one page? Like a legit business with a one page theme as those are fairly popular design templates now.

    • So you can definitely link to the homepage of a money site from a PBN; I do it all of the time. However, the main point that I'm making is that you shouldn't do it EVERY time. It's a lot more natural for contextual links to be going to sub pages.

  7. Thanks for the very clear and concise info! Definitely going to re-think my deep link anchors in particular.

    What's your take on Social bookmarking and sharing Titles/Anchors? I tend to spin multiple terms when possible for as much long-tail variation as possible - but wondering if I'd be better off keeping them short, succinct and more tightly focused on narrower money terms.

    • Hey Glen! You're welcome.

      Honestly, I don't do too much social bookmarking anymore. That being said, I think it's fine to use Titles and I think long-tail variations would probably be better than short money terms.

  8. Hey Wyatt, I'm doing a press release and I need to include a link to my youtube video. Should I link directly to the video or to my channel and also should I use a naked url?

  9. Blog comments? Default in WP, the name is the anchor text. Only time it's different is if you use a different commenting system.

  10. Thanks for this awesome videos, very easy to understand.

  11. Awesome post mate and it really helped me understand more about anchor text.

  12. Awesome post. It really helped me!

  13. Great video...been looking for the most detailed information on this subject...right on subject...Thanks again

  14. Helpful. Thanks for taking time.

  15. Very helpful man! Thanks for posting

  16. Thank you so much Wyatt!!! Your beautiful man!!

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