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  1. Thank you,Wyatt ! A timely and good practical advise.Still I think that in local ranking the geo marker has its place as long as it is not further over-optimized in title,tags and keywords,etc.

  2. Thanks Wyatt..... just what I was wondering how to do :-)

  3. I guess the key item here is to remember to make links look natural, forget about anything approaching spam.

    So my question is if everyone is striving for that then what will give me the edge? Be natural all the way? So how will I stand out by not standing out? I can do all things you say but then it loooks like I am too sophisticated. This SEO battle never ends.

  4. Good Post. However, I think it would be better if you would have concentrated on how to rank with a new domain. That would have been more helpful than discussing the semantics of exact match...etc.

  5. Hi Wyatt,

    Great and valuable information you provide in your site. Regarding the domain name, does it matter if the brand new domain is a .com, .org or .net in order to rank it?


  6. Wyatt,

    I was literally going looking for what you just taught us how to do in this video. Appreciate it man! Looking forward to connecting at some point!

  7. Does it matter to big G if my domain uses a number instead of the word: i.e.‘1’ instead of ‘one … ‘2’ instead of ‘to’ … or ‘4’ instead of ‘for’

    Does it really matter to big G if my domain uses hyphens, instead of running all the words together?

  8. Thanx Wyatt for this awesome training my question is when you posting your article do you just edit your URL title to what ever you want to be Right?
    Ex: if my article tile is how to potty train your american eskimo
    can your URL be: http:www.dogcare.com/pottytrain...because what i am doing right now is including the whole article title in the url please share some more light on this for me

  9. People have always tried to rank affiliate sites, is there a good way of doing so? Is domain masking or forwarding a good choice. How would you do it?

  10. Wyatt,

    Dude, this is good stuff. I was reading bout expired's yesterday though..
    AND HAD NO IDEA it was SOO VAST.. and I know I aint seen nuthin' yet.

    You know I appreciate ya.. KEEP DOIN WHAT UR DOIN..
    and bein' who you're bein'..


  11. Thanks... Just what I needed.

  12. If you realy want to know this stuff he teaches you have to join his drip apps it totally worth it I'm a member and love it, going on my 2 month now wow so much good stuff thanks Wyatt

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