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Information overload. This is probably the main reason you haven't had as much success as you've wanted in internet marketing or SEO specifically. Look, information without action is just information, and it's not going to help you. At some point, you need to quit learning and just start doing (you can start learning again when you need to).

You need to make it a habit of just trying, just experimenting, just putting yourself out there. This is the only way you can truly grow. Don't stop learning, reading, etc... but just do it as you NEED it. For example, if you picked up a book today on "how to hire great people," but you don't even have a business that can afford to pay an employee, wtf are you doing??? Only when you are actually ready to hire someone should you start learning how to hire people. This way, when you pick up those golden nuggets from the course, book, video, you can actually implement them; you can take action right away and see the results. This is extremely important.

(This is exactly why we built "action maps" in Drip Core, because we wanted our customers to go through them ONLY when they're doing that thing.)

So why is this relevant? Well, after being in internet marketing for some years and growing a community to tens of thousands of SEOs, I've learned something. And it's not a good thing. The majority of people who try to get into internet marketing will never succeed. Shocker. Not because they're not smart enough, not because they don't have the right information, and not because they don't have the resources... but because they don't actually take action. Instead, they buy another product, put it on the "shelf," and feel as if they've accomplished something. When in reality, they haven't accomplished a damn thing; well, I suppose they've successfully wasted money. By no means am I saying that the information they bought is bad, but again, information without action equals nothing.

Look, if this is you, it's not too late. But you need to make a change; I know it's scary, but you actually have to DO something. You have to try, otherwise you've already failed.

"But WHAT should I do?" -  Ah yes, the infamous question.

Normally, I'd say just do anything. Do something. Throw some crap against the wall and see what sticks. However, I'll get a little more detailed. Just this once. What you need to is something that can make you money quickly. Seriously, like really, really quickly. I'm not saying you should live your whole life like this-- absolutely not. This kind of thinking is incredibly short term but hey, that's what matters right now. SHORT TERM. You can play the long term game a bit later.

And trust me, I think longer term than anybody else I know. I will build huge, hopefully billion dollar businesses in my life time, and you can't do that by playing short term. For the past 1.5 years, I've been building a webinar platform that has required hundreds of thousands of dollars, a team of 10+ people, and most of my time in the day. But you wanna know where I started? I started by flipping stuff from Craigslist over to eBay. It made me money; it got me started. And I would've never been able to build a webinar platform by starting there first.

There are many reasons why it's important for you to make money quickly as an entrepreneur, internet marketer, SEO, or whatever you call yourself; I'll give you a couple. First of all, your belief system is fueled by results. To put it another way, results reinforce your belief. When you start doing something, and you don't get results... and then you keep doing it, and you don't see results, you stop believing. When you stop believing, you don't take as much action and you never succeed. To be successful at anything, you need to first believe that what you're doing will work, then you'll take the right amount of action, and you'll eventually get results. Sure, these results will be small at first but they will reinforce your belief. You'll start to believe even MORE in what you're doing. When you start believing more, you take more action, you learn more from your experience, and you get more results. It's an endless cycle that continues on as you grow.

The second reason is that you'll actually make money. When you actually make money, you can start to do bigger things. For example, when I was 15, I was selling stuff on eBay; I had saved up about $20k, and I decided to invest it all into an iPhone app that I paid a couple developers to make. It failed miserably, and I lost the $20k. But I learned a shit load. I learned how NOT to build an iPhone app, how NOT to hire people, and what wouldn't work. I was putting myself out there, trying, failing, learning, and growing. And then I moved on. Not many people know this but "Drip Apps" actually started out as an iPhone app company. Now you understand the name, right? We built a simple Photo editing app called Instaborder, which has been downloaded by over 100,000 13-year old girls all over the world. Unfortunately, 13-year old girls don't typically have a lot of money. But hey, I learned again. I got better this time. I was having quite a bit of success with SEO at the time, so Drip Apps took a pivot and now it is what it is today. And this is how life goes; it's a journey and you figure it out along the way.

One of the best quotes I've ever heard is, "It's all a hack." - This is my favorite quote because it's so damn true. When you're doing something for the first time, you will not know what to do. You have to take your best guess and you go with it. You figure it out along the way. And it's true for everyone.

Anyways, I feel like I've been ranting for a while, but it's good, I think this blog post will truly help you. Of course, you have to take action on what you've learned ;) - Let's dig a little deeper. So, how can you make money quickly with SEO?

Remember, your goal is to get a check in your hand. You don't have to be an SEO master to do this. Let me say that again, you don't need to be a master of SEO to make money with SEO. There's plenty of information on this blog and there's even more inside of Drip Core, which actually consists of quite a few actionable ways to make money with SEO. My point is this: you already know enough. You've been on our blog, you've watched our videos, maybe you're already in Drip Core. There's not really some additional, little trick that you can learn that will magically help you make money. You ALREADY have the tools, just put them to use.

I guess what I'm saying is this: go do something right now. Take action. Walk into a local business and try to sell them SEO. Yup, you're probably going to fail at first. Good. This is how it should be. Put up an affiliate site, build a rank & rent site, try to rank a video, whatever... now, don't do all of these things at once, just pick one and go for it. Don't stop until you get results. Sure, make pivots when necessary but continue to believe that you will EVENTUALLY get results. Because trust me, you will.

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  1. From a 56 year old guy who has built a couple successful start ups, failed at a few things that I thought were brilliant, and created many moderately successful things here and there, thank you for this reminder.
    Great advice. Spot on. Really appreciated.

  2. Great post Wyatt! You're wise beyond your years :).

    I do agree with all your points especially about picking one thing at a time instead of trying to do it all, which is what I experienced last year and got me nowhere. Although, looking back at what I've accomplished, learned and experienced as an entrepreneur from my past failures, I don't have any regrets. I'm actually glad that I went through those things despite the wasted time and money (valuable lessons) for I've become more tough mentally and more prepared for the road ahead. Really love Dripcore btw!

  3. Damn, I needed to read this morning. Failure equals Education. Thanks bro

  4. This is SOOOOOO true!
    Info Overload Syndrome!

  5. Very, very great wisdom! And well said. Only thing I would change is cleaning up foul language. No need for it and never helps anyone. The dams and wtf, etc need to be left in junior high. We are men who want our sons and daughters to be proud of everything we do. Everything matters.

    • Thanks Austin. While I agree with you, I'm also a man that wants to be authentic and this is who I am. When I get started on certain topics like this, sometimes I swear without evening realizing it.

  6. Action cures fear and revenue doesn't hurt either.

  7. Brilliantly inspirational! Thanks Wyatt.

  8. Spot On Wyatt! Just what I needed. I have wasted (delayed income) with investing in several programs with no customer support. They take the money and move on to their next launch. I see how the launch game is played now with the similar tactics and bullet point lists they complete in their funnels etc.

    YES!!! The time is to hit DrippApps and DO the exercises and have actionable results that produces income NOW to incentivize for MORE actionable measurable goals to baby step experiment into success that you become.

    Enjoy the journey and remain flexible to how the experiments turn out, adjust and be a doer. I have been so ALL over the place that I have mastered nothing. Like you said just information. Yes I am tired of learning for this moment and want to do. I teach this in others areas but funny enough not applying it in this new field of study.

    So your Post is SO TIMELY! #THANKSWYATT

    I may have missed something big...but have not come across how the step by step get affiliate marketing from no knowledge to steady income stream. I would like to have at least these two income streams... SEO and Affiliate Marketing. Will look to see if you cover this....if not maybe a growth area for you. Again Wyatt wtf going for it!!!! #THANKSWYATT #BOOM

    • That is awesome, Richard! I'm so glad that I was able to deliver this to you at the right time. And you're absolutely right, a lot of launches in the IM space do play out like that, and it's just best to stay away most of the time.

      Before you can have a steady income stream with affiliate SEO, first you need to make ONE, yes just one affiliate sale. Whether that's ranking a video, a website, collecting emails on FB. First, try to make that one affiliate sale and then grow from there. We do have information on affiliate stuff on the blog, and it's covered in Drip Core as well. However, affiliate marketing only requires a couple things: generating traffic, pre-framing the offer, and then sending them to the offer. Traffic is the most important. So start experimenting and try to generate traffic. If you can do this, the sales will come.

  9. Wyatt you are always the best out there!
    Were missing your post! Thanks again mate, cheers!

  10. “Don't let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.”
    ― Jim Rohn
    Thank you

  11. Nice post Wyatt. I am just starting to turn a corner with seo and have been trying shit loads of different stuff. Just need to start making money.

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