Drip Way - Terms & Conditions
It's free to create a Drip Way account, however, you will need credits to make purchases inside of our marketplace. Credits can be purchased in packages or individually with a minimum order of 25.


Refunds for Drip Way subscription plans will only be made if less than 50 of the new credits have been spent AND it has been less than 30 days. For example, if you purchase a 275 credit plan, and spend 51 credits, you will not longer be eligble for a refund. Drip Way "manual" credit purchases will not be refunded under any normal circumstance.

Credit reimbursements:

After purchasing a property inside of the Drip Way marketplace, you have up to 48 hours to report the property inside of our system. If you wait more than 48 hours, a credit reimbursement will not be made under any circumstance. During the 48 hour period, credit reimbursements will be made if the domain criteria does not match what our system stated. Domain criteria is checked under four versions of the domain on Majestic.com and also Moz.com. The criteria will be checked under these four versions:


Whichever version of the domain returns the highest metrics will be the version used to deterimine criteria.

Other reasons for credit reimbursements are as follows: spammy anchor text, spammy links, spammy wayback history. "Spam" is not a "black and white" concept and will be defined by our staff. Domain name availability is not considered an acceptable reason for a reimbursement. It is your responsibility to recheck the domains inside of our system BEFORE purchasing the property. If the recheck goes through successsfully, it means the domain is available to register.

Foreign domain name extensions:

There are certian domain extensions that will cost more than the standard amount to register a domain. It is NOT our responsiblity if you purchase a domain with an unknown foreign extension. We show the TLD inside of our system, so you can make an educated decision before unlocking the domain. Please do your research on foreign domains before purchasing any.


Drip Way credits never expire. Your account will remain active unless you wish to close it, in which case you will need to contact our support team directly.

To read all of Drip Apps standard Terms & Conditions, please follow the link: http://dripapps.com/terms-refunds/