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The Bad News:

This PBN creation shortcut will cost you $1

The Good News:

You can build, optimize, and control your new PBN domains and keep them safe… all from one central location

If you’re reading this right now it’s because you just passed on the opportunity to upgrade your order to our Done-For-You PBN service

And frankly, I’m a little surprised. You already purchased a list of dropped domains, which tells me you’re interested in building out a private blog network, so our PBN service is a logical upgrade. After all, if you want to dominate any niche then you’re going to need a strong PBN

So there are only two reasons I can think of that would make you decline: either the price, or because you’re confident that you can do it yourself. And while I can’t reduce the price any lower than it is right now, I do want to show you an alternative (low-cost) solution

I can’t stress it enough… these domains need to be setup properly

If they’re set up wrong, you could risk getting your entire network shut down

Look, I’m not trying to scare you; I’ve just seen this happen to many SEOs in the past…

Which is why I set out to create a central solution for PBNs

I wanted to create software that would allow ANYBODY to build & control a private blog networks… even beginners

And also something that would save time, tons of time

So that’s exactly what I did…

Introducing the Drip Plus Manager...

Imagine being able to take the domains that you just purchased and enter them into one web-based software…

And then NEVER having to leave that one page to control your entire network

Imagine being able to optimize your entire network of sites by clicking one simple button:

  • Title & Tagline
  • Theme installation
  • Plugin Installation

Boom! Just one click, and you’ve optimized every single site in your network. The right way.

And then imagine being able to generate content automatically, so you can keep your PBN sites fresh… and full of unique content

With the Drip Plus Manager, you’ll never have to login to your PBNs wordpress admin again. Ever.

All of your PBN data… in one place

Back in the day (before Drip Plus Manager) we used to actually keep track of all the links we built right in a Microsoft excel file…

Talk about a time waster

Now, every single link that we build is automatically tracked and saved in the history tab of the Drip Plus Manager

This allows us to quickly go back and look at the last time we built a link… or, for example, view all of the links that we built for a specific money site

On top of that, the Drip Plus Manager automatically retrieves Moz metrics for all of your PBN domains, so you can quickly check the stats of your PBN domains… without ever leaving the software

And even strengthen your PBN sites

We’ve made it easy to build tier 2 video backlinks right inside of the Drip Plus Manager…

With just a couple clicks, you can build relevant tier 2 links straight to your PBN sites, which will effectively allow you to double the power of your PBN sites

Yup… we’ve really done it

We’ve taken all of our best PBN practices, and we’ve put them into one software…

With the Drip Plus Manager, you can save time, frustration, and make sure that your PBNs are 100% safe from Google

So here’s the deal

I’ll keep this sales page short…

Either you want to keep your powerful PBN domains safe and get the most out of them… or you don’t

Plain and simple

So I’m going to make it an easy decision. I’m going to give you a full (100-Site) Drip Plus Manager account for just $1

$1… You can get this software, or you can buy a cheap cup of coffee

And with your account, you’ll be able to add up to 100 PBN domains right into your dashboard.

Nothing will be limited

You’ll have full access for a complete 30 days. Then, if you love it (and I know you will) then you can keep your account active for $57 a month.

Best of all, we have a full 30-day money back guarantee in place… making this offer truly risk free.

But remember, this is your LAST chance. If you decline this upgrade opportunity, there won’t be a better one waiting for you on the other side. In fact, you likely won’t see an offer this good ever again..

So what are you waiting for? Click below to finalize your upgrade. You already took the first step by purchasing our domains. Let’s finish what you started...

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