This video was taken from a small piece of a Drip Core action map. You can sign up for Drip Core here.

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  1. Great share, thanks!

  2. This is almost like magic! It's now opening my eyes to other possibilities!

  3. Best ever tip! It's like having a cold-call agent on retainer! Thanks soooo much.

  4. Just brilliant! I already added about 10 recipes :)

  5. Very useful. Thanks!

  6. thank you for sharing, never thought of this

  7. To get replies/leads from CL
    Am I correct that one needs to set up a ''campaign'' for each and every city?

    No multi city notifcation?

    Would this method in any or all catagories a example realestate?

  8. Thanks for sharing this. Great idea! Can save so much time.

  9. So Wyatt - how can we access this Craigslist app?

  10. Hold the phone!!!

    So I could start an SEO business just by contacting other SEO services, set the fee, add my markup, create a referral agreement, get paid, then expect the SEO business to fulfil the service...$$$

    Then I can simply repeat the process again and again and again...yes? Right? :-)

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