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  1. Asking for referrals is a great way to get your business up and running. Downside is that most people don't like to make "cold calls" for fear of rejection.

  2. This is always good to hear. I have been taught this and forgot it. Keep reminding on this one. It does work for those who really want SEO or any business with adjustments but can't afford or just want a deal that particular day.

  3. Thanks Wyatt!

    Your video today gave me encouragement that a "no answer" is never a "no!"

  4. If money is their only objection and you remove it and provide an "unrefusable offer", you now have a deal. After you provide value for them, get a testimonial so you can build your creditability.

  5. This information is like a compass to keep me on the right Path for Success. Thank you.

  6. The referral strategy is win, win. Now if I was going to do SEO for FREE for a prospective business and they referred three other business owners, my stipulation would be that at least one of them would have to sign up for the service. Then, too, it would be one or two months FREE SEO. Not indefinitely. I'm assuming this is your general approach Wyatt?

  7. Great advice that will work

  8. What do you charge a new client? Is there some kind of formula i can work off of?

  9. Wyatt, I just olny wanted to do affiliate seo but when I started telling friends and strangers that I do seo all of a sudden people want to pay me to do client seo and I started getting referrals before I even had my first website up. So even though I specifically did not want to do client seo, I can't turn down the money which I will be using to help me ramp up my affiliate seo and pbn.


  10. Great ideas... thanks!

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