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  1. Cool!

  2. This is great info

    Layered Targeting was something I'd been using, without knowing what it was called, but I haven't used behaviours for targeting much

    Thanks for that extra info

  3. Very cool strategy...

  4. Hey Wyatt,

    Another great post with some useful action. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  5. I dont know if it`s just me, but isn`t 290.000 a huge number for FB Admins of such a specific niche? Ok I must be underestimating US/CA doctors and every 3rd one has his own FB fan page?

    Thanks for the great info Wyatt!

    • It is a big number, but that's all of the US and Canada. On top of that, it's possible that assistants, secretaries, social media managers, etc can also be page admins of Dental related pages.

      And you're welcome!

  6. Great idea man! Liked it and planning to implement it for my Tampa, Fl prospects!

  7. I like the fb targeting do you have more ideas to add ?
    Nice website
    Nice color scheme
    For one so young you have done very well

  8. you guys need to answer your support tickets

    • Hi David,

      All support tickets are answered within 1 hour during our working hours of 8AM - 8PM EST. If you're not getting a response, your ticket may not be submitting properly. Please try emailing support ([email protected]) from another email address.

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