Want to see how you can rank any local site?

Great, you've come to the right place.

Not only is it great to have a local SEO strategy for clients, but you can also use it to pull in high-paying clients and sell leads too.

If you've never done local SEO before... well, now might be the time to start.

Not only are the keywords generally easier to rank for (compared to competitive affiliate search terms) but they can be much more profitable too.

In today's training, I broke down what I believe to be the safest, fastest, and most effective way to rank any local business; this strategy will also allow you to break into the 7-pack.

Basically, what we're going to be doing is building citations (business listings on trusted directories) and setting up a link-buildilng campaign to the citations.

We call it: "Boosting Citations"

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  1. Great new site! Love it

  2. What types of links would you buy from Fiverr to boost these quickly?


  3. Great discussion on further use for citations, Thanks Wyatt.

  4. Hey amigo, sounds great, my question is how do you monetize this strategy?
    You offer them no cure no pay seo?
    So for example you charge monthly fee to keep them in form example top 5 of Google for local key terms?

    Do you even tell them what you are going to do?
    Can be that some clients are afraid that their seo guy is using spammy link methods even though it is not to their own site. Google currently does not penalize this but they might in the future even though Google shouldn´t be doing that because then a competitor could do this to get you out of the search results, but clients can be afraid for such methods.

    Very interested in your take on this.

    Cheers mate, keep up the good stuff!

    • Usually, it's a good idea to keep the clients in the loop. Chances are they won't really understand what's going on-- but better to keep them informed than not. Also for charging the clients, this is just a small part of a much bigger client service that I would offer. Typically, I wouldn't take on a client for less than $1k/month (maybe $500/month for small niches)

  5. Hi! Thanks for the info :)

    what anchor text do you use when creating the mass links to these high da properties?

    Also how long does it roughly take for the pa to increase?

    Thank you!

    • Hey Nick!

      You're welcome. You can use keyword anchor text, business/brand name, and general anchor text.

      It all depends on what kinds of links you build and how many!

  6. Great video post Wyatt on boosting PA on citations.

  7. Its funny, I just got some citations done for my client. Perfect timing!

  8. Hi Wyatt,

    Thanks for this. I was able to get a big boost for my own site by following your Youtube video boost advice :)

    One of the citations common amongst my clients is a specific industry directory. But, I'm wondering if you can help me figure out how to make sure I'm boosting the right URL. I know this is tricky with Amazon products... what is indexed is often not what the sellers think.

    This directory has a DA of 90. About 10 days ago, I ordered a fiverr gig to build links to one of my clients pages on the directory, but I can't see them in moz or majestic.

    The links appear in google with https://..... Does that matter?


    • Hi Becky,

      Where can I find this "Youtube video boost advice " that you mentioned?

      Scrolled thru most of blog back thru summer could not find that post.

      Appreciate any help and info!


  9. Hi Wyatt,

    I 've been doing this occasionally, and it's definitely a good thing.

    One thing I'm wondering about, is how you personally implement it -
    anchor-text diversity: mostly branding or ?...


  10. Always love getting and absorbing your videos, Wyatt and Alex. You should charg-- wait, I didn't write that. :)

    Take care.
    - W

  11. Thank you for the video. Clear and understandable spoken language for a Norwegian
    :--), easy to follow explonation. But there was one "hole" in the explonation (for me):

    So the strategy is to set up a few (or more) high DA citation sites to point to the "home site" of the company, and then ??? have a lot of less trusted sites point to these high DA sites - if I understand it correctly? (I'm a beginner). But what I wonder is: From what sites do I point to the high DA citation sites? You say something about buying links (to the high DA sites). For a beginner like me, it would be helpful to know more about this.
    Any chance you can give some directions?

  12. Wyatt, never thought of backlinking directly to the citation page. Been using "Wave Audit System" to identify citation sites and which scores the business info is an exact duplicate in each citation site. Is there any other software out there that you recommend to find citation sites? Or do you recommend just keeping with certain citation sites?

    Thank you

  13. Thanks Wyatt for the awesome training. BTW your new site is looking great.

  14. I've heard of this before but I don't understand how these citations are passing anything as they're all nofollow :/

    • Hi Luke,

      Citations are generally a mix of nofollow and dofollow links, which means that link juices flows on some, and stays there at others. Nonetheless, the links are going to be boosted and there will be lots of diversity, which is a lot better than tons of random dofollow citations. This allows us to keep it natural... with no real work on our part.


  15. Can we also buy citation to site which target multiple locations? For example i have one big site with 15k pages, each page targeting different City of US. Or Citation are helpful only for sites targeting just 1 area/city?

  16. in the real world, why would a individual citation page get loads of natural backlinks?

    • When sites link to businesses, they tend to link to these because they have all of the information that is needed in one place.

  17. One question does it matter if we send all the links at one time or should they be sent slowly (drip feed)?

  18. Why can't I see the videos on any of your posts Wyatt?

    I went to this link without signing in... then with signing in.

    Is it a cache issue? I don't get it

  19. There are no 7 packs anymore. Update your stuff dude.

  20. Thanks Wyatt, I actually forgot about using this strategy!!

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