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  1. Does this involve using Pay per call affiliate networks like Ring Partner, Mundo media etc?

  2. Good information.

  3. looking forward for webinar

  4. Can't wait for this information!

  5. Hi Wyatt - this sounds great! I've actually got a video ranked on 'G' page one (plumbing niche) that is NOT generating any calls - so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Looking forward to your training.

  6. I'm going to need the replay. I will be able to participate for 30 minutes. Wondering what business are to focus on that actually gets the most calls, plumbers, roofers, emergency dental work..etc



  7. Thank you bro, you are always on Top !

  8. Also hoping for a Replay as currently a night shift worker in the UK. Thank you

  9. Hi Wyatt

    Does this system work if I'm not not based in the USA?

  10. That's music to every brick and mortar Wyatt, all ears. :0)

  11. Any chance to get a replay uploaded please?

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