Hey guys, Wyatt here. In this short video, we're going to be talking about some of the best ways to rank your website on a budget. Fiverr SEO services are generally thought to be low quality, but contrary to popular belief, we can use these gigs to shoot our website up to the first page. You won't be able to rank for extremely competitive keywords with just $5, but what these Fiverr SEO gigs provide is something for Google to base your site on. Yeah, the links are  not going to be as good as the ones you can get from your PBN, but search engines will start to see some links. As soon as they start to see those, they're going to give you a boost. When you start building your PBN links, Google sees an increase in quality of links and will in turn, rank your site higher. That's all there is Fiverr SEO!

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  1. Hey Wyatt

    Why would you want to rank ebay or amazon pages? I cantt see any benefit to this?

    Also, while fiverr gigs are good for youtube - i have ranked videos on YT - its now harder to rank videos in the SERPs since recent Google updates.

    Just as an aside, could your approach be used to boost a profile page on a site with dofollow profile links, therefore passing more lik juice to your money site?

    • Hey Mark,

      There is a HUGE benefit to ranking amazon and eBay listings. You can put your own products on both of these sites. Imagine if you got your own iPhone cases sourced from China, listed them on Amazon, and then ranked for "iPhone cases"... how many iPhone cases do you think you would sell per day?

      And yes, you can use this to rank any authority page or site.

  2. Hey Wyatt,

    Great tip!

    Is it possible that high authority websites block the crawlers from crawling their pages?
    When measuring the page authority of a page I have on one of the high authority websites you mentioned, it shows a page authority of 1/100 :-(

    If that's the case, is there any way to measure the effect of the backlinks we send to a page?

    Also - how many backlinks should we send to a page? is the more the merrier, or should we send just a few?


  3. I'm new to this and perhaps don't understand, but if you buy a bunch of rubbish links for a YT video, and you had a link in the video to your money site, wouldn't it be easy for google to penalize your money site?

  4. finding google rankings for YT videos a lot more volatile lately
    i.e.- sensitive to spammy links

  5. Would this type of fiverr linking be more effective than pointing a PBN at the authority site ?

  6. Software looks extremely good. A tool that will help you organization and site rankings.

  7. I can see you are building your content and traffic thru basic good content.

  8. I'm interested but so new to all this that I do not understand the basics. Can anyone point me to some resources I can read and/or view so that I can educate myself about this topic? Thanks.

  9. Hi Wyatt,

    Interesting content in the video and will give it a shot myself.

    BTW, can you let me have the recommended fiverr suppliers. I have shared on facebook but nothing showing?



  10. I'm curious to see what Fiverr gigs you like that generate real ranking.

  11. Hello Watt, i notice that since the last Google updates it is
    difficult to get Youtube Videos ranked on Google first page.
    What are you suggestions to counter this last Google Update?

    • Guys would be VERY GRATEFUL for your thoughts, help and suggestions on what Hopeton is asking about videos to pg1.

      I can land em on middle and bottom of pg2 top of 3 but that's as far as it gets for even semi competitive terms.

      Possibly it's a complete reality that there's just some terms they won't bump vids to p1 for.

    • What about using Google Hangouts to rank sites? Does this still work?

      BTW, would you recommend linking to the PBN from Google Hangout or linking directly to your money site?

  12. Hi,

    Would you use these gigs to link to your new money site?

    Would be interested to see what people think.


  13. He Wyatt,

    Just tried ranking 2 videos a couple of days ago... Uploaded them on the ninth, sent some fiverr link packages to it (3 to each vid)... it started ranking on the 11th on page 3... it stayed there for 2 days and now boom... * like the southpark investment epidode* its gone...

    They are gone actually... they are gone for two days now... What should i do...?

    thanks kim

    • I have found that Google is ranking videos quickly but are removing them just as quickly. A recent course that was advocating a type of review video showed easy rankings on first page. Following same formula, I was on top of page 1 (within 30 min) for 2 days and then, page 3 and then, BOOM! gone. Completely.
      Google is definitely getting savvier about video for SEO.
      I'd be careful sending spam links to a video that is on a money site.
      The only suggestion I have for you with these videos is to completely delete them and then try to reupload with new meta and start again with manually creating some web2.0 and authority links to them. Plus social signals are good too! Try an Onlywire submission through Fiverr than a links package.
      I only ever use Fiverr on tier 2 and 3. But I'm still testing with these authority sites.

  14. Hi Wyatt -

    I am a local to you business - have had some BAD publicity due to the nature of our business - tried this for a test youtube video. The company you referred on Fiverr did a super fast turnaround but I have a few questions so I can determine / convince myself that I am not paying to get myself seriously screwed up with good ol Google.

    1. Would be so helpful to check this work - I have a video on youtube, FIVERR blasted with links containing the key words I am interested in - In my case I am trying to promote the site name / and variations to bring what I want to top of page returns & bury the stuff we don't want. In our case
    2. What is the best / most accurate way to determine the rank of the keywords I sent them for the video and for the video itself prior to their work (as of now - this project with FIVEERR guy is less than 5 hours old.
    3. When you say BLAST with links - what exactly is that number?
    4. What is the time frame for this BLAST? All in the same day? Spread out over 1 week?
    5. What is the time frame I should / could see results?

    Thank you so much for your help in advance!


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  16. Can you give us links to fiverr Gigs that have actually produced results?
    I know you mentioned "Crorkservice" but which from him , or others can you post some links?

  17. Great info and easy to decipher.

  18. Where are the resources ?

  19. Thanks for this great Info Im learning this stuff thanks

  20. Stay away from Crorkservice and their hundred of backlinks offer on , it will hurt your ranking on the long run. They delivered low quality backlinks from dodgy domains.

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