Hey guys, Alexander here!

Something that I get asked from time to time is about Google News, and how you can get there. If you're not familiar with it already, Google feeds off of content from other sites that are thought to have high authority, and lists the news their automatically. How can we take control of this? Well, the key word there was "automatically", and that's where we come in, and essentially manipulate the system to get out page through the news barrier. The result is ranking almost instantly, and above every other natural search result; it can be compared to PPC ads, since it is on the top of the search results and is emphasized.

If you like what you see so far, read on and we'll get into the specifics on how we can dominate Reddit, and similar sites, to make our affiliate links news worthy. For once, Google will be all over them, essentially begging to shoot them up above all competition and send all traffic to that one result. Sound good? Let's jump right into it!


First of all, if you don't already have an account on Reddit, create one. Fake information is fine, as we won't be using this account for anything personal.



As soon as you create your account, you're going to want to create a subreddit. A subreddit is a place where we will be posting all of the content that we want to rank. Compared to posting in other subreddits, we're going to have full control over our own little section, and nobody is going to be able to remove our posts.


As you can see, I put in some random information, or even leave them blank. The problem with not filling in anything at all is that Google has nothing to crawl, so putting in information that doesn't make sense can be extremely beneficial to your Google News ranking efforts. Sometimes, you will get the message: "you are doing that too much. try again in 23 hours." Normally, people think that they messed up on a step, but no need to worry. This is just Reddit's security system, so simply try again in the allocated time given by Reddit.

As soon as you create your subreddit, navigate on over to and you'll see a page that looks like this...

You're given the option to either submit a new link, or a new text post. You can do either, but the method that we are using works much better when it is done with text posts, so we're going to be using that option. Keep in mind, that this method will still work if you decide to use a link, but it will not be as efficient, and won't rank as well in Google News. Once you select the text post, option, you'll see a few blank boxes, and we'll be filling these in together.

As you can see, the title box isn't something that we normally fill in like this. Generally, we would use "Free PSN Codes with the PSN Code Generator", but, Google seems to hate this for its news articles. It loves to have sites with "breaking news" headlines, so we're going to be creating something similar. Adding things like "completely new", "updated method", and "breaking news" will help you get indexed and increase your chances of being placed in Google News.

As you can see, we're not writing much. Before the first "call to action", we're going to have around 50 words of content, and in this first batch of content, you should include the keyword around 2 times, 3 is pushing it. Now, we're going to have our first call to action.

Using 5 asterisks: "*****", we're going to be able to create a new line on Reddit, this allows us to make the "call to action" separated from all of the other content.

How does Reddit understand links? [Anchor Text](URL) is the format that we use, as you can see above. The call to action can be in all caps and will also end up in a nice link to our site.

Now, follow the exact same procedure as we did above. 50 words of content, new line, call to action, new line. As you can see in the above image, that is all we have. We're not quite done yet, so let's head on over to UberSuggest, a tool that I love to use for keyword stuffing.

Put in your keyword, leave everything else blank (unless you are in a foreign market). Click suggest, and give it a few seconds to do its thing...

Copy and paste the results, and head on over to TextMechanic.

Enter an empty line in the first box, a comma in the second, and in the last, paste what you got from UberSuggest. Click "Find and Replace Text", and you'll get a nice comma separated list.

Now, just paste that list in and submit the post on your new subreddit!

This is what it is going to look like, keep in mind, it isn't the most beautiful thing, but it converts. Google will be all over this content, if you want to call it that, and you'll be on the Google News.

I cut off the rest of the keyword stuffing that we did, but now we're all done! (at least with the hard part)

What can we do to ensure that Google indexes our post? Well, without any indexing help, Google has no paths to find our newly created subreddit or the post itself, so what do we do? If you don't have any paid indexer, do not worry. We're going to be using a site called Pingomatic.

Put in your main keyword, your URL, and check every single box. Send those pings, and now you're set. If you did it correctly, you should see something like this in the next day...

...and that's how it's done! Usually, these rankings last around 3-4 days, and can bring in a pretty penny. This is no long term strategy, but if you need to test the profitability of a niche, or just need a few extra dollars, this is the ideal method for you.

As always, if you have any questions at all, post a comment below and we'll do our best to help you out!


To your success,

The DripApps Team

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  1. Neat!

  2. everytime i try to create a subreddit i face this problem this subreddit has been banned what can i do to solve this problem and thank's in advance

  3. Magic Hat!

  4. WOW! I am trying this today.

  5. Great Info Wyatt!!!

  6. Just when I think i have info about ranking on the 1st page of Google you come out with valuable content that I always forward to.

    True content that I can use in the real world in real time. Wondering how I would use this to dominate the 1st page of Google for the universal local search term, for example "Restaurants in [City Name] [State]"?

    Maybe this technique will work, what do you think? Seems to me it is impossible to rank for that search term no matter what I do, Press Releases, .Edu back links etc, feed back?

    I'm A Big Foodie. :-)


  7. I tried making a page but literally in 10 minutes the page was banned? Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Hi Andy,

      When working with a new Reddit account with no previous activity, try to add some upvotes, comments, and browsing. This will decrease the ban rate.

      • ok thank you i will give that a shot then get back to you i lost that account so had to make a new one but i got that wait 23 hours thing also do you verify an email or not necessary?

  8. lovely how competitive can you with this can you do the garnicia cam whatever its called or launch jacking jvnotify or jvzoo products.Is there a place to purchase old reddit accounts.This is big by the way very big usually takes press releases to do this.

  9. Wow !!
    Thanks for sharing. I am going to try it today.
    And the good part is I already have a Subreddit.

    Just One question. What If I create some backlinks to it.

    • The more backlinks the better, but it's not necessary to rank on Google News.

      • Hi.
        For what volume of searches have you ranked for? meaning this technique can be ranked for "How to play guitar" which has 77.000 searches according to Keyword Planner

  10. Got 1 question if you don't mind answering : D

    How would you exaclty monetise those? Is it file they can download or something :P?

    Also could you tell us any main affiliate providers you using on these methods?

    Would really appreciate if you answered : D Thanks

  11. just tried this and am 1 page in 4 hours...! thx Alex and Wyatt team

  12. Does this work for keywords of any volume?
    And do we have to check if there are already news on google's front page?


  13. Are these ranking lasting 3-4 days for competitive keyword or for every one I rank? For example if i rank for some small keyword that doesnt get a lot of competitors who are trying to rank for it everyday, will it still last on 3-4 day?

  14. Thanks for this awesome tip! Q: Will it work for other languages? Does Reddit accept texts and subreddits in other languages?
    Also, how can I get upvotes and comments? Are there exchanges?

  15. Nice! I am going to be trying this! Thank you.

    Should I create a new anonymous Reddit profile to do this?
    Just run it with the one I have now?


    • I'm also curious as to how long these rankings typically last for.

      Also, I searched for everything in your example title, "free psn codes", "psn code generator", etc. and couldn't find the results in Google News. I went all the way to page 7 or 8. Where did it go?

  16. My new account got banned. Made a new one and followed Alex's instructions to a T and it worked (read the comments). I've ranked, but there seems to be some traffic spike on my site. I check and 805 referrals from! Thanks bro

  17. Did all the steps above yesterday and the post is not even indexed yet. ran it through indexification and pingomatic... am i doing something wrong ?

  18. I gave it 20 minutes of my time and could never figure out how to "create" a subreddit .. totally confusing to my feeble brain ..

  19. do you think that this strategy will do well with Adsense websites

  20. Thanks, this is fantastic; was a bit late getting to it. Will follow your instructions tomorrow.

  21. So you're saying to purposely NOT make it related to what you're going to link to? The sub itself and the content you put for its description?

  22. Pretty cool idea!
    I have an 3 year old account/subreddit so maybe it will stick...

    Question: What about privacy settings, etc...?


    Do we want others to be able to post?

    public anyone can view and submit
    restricted anyone can view, but only some are approved to submit links
    private only approved members can view and submit

    • Restricted.

      • spam filter strength
        'high' is the standard filter, 'low' disables most filtering, 'all' will filter every post initially and they will need to be approved manually to be visible.
        links: lowhighall
        self posts: lowhighall
        comments: lowhighall



  23. Hello! Guys, is there a difference in what is a niche? low conpetetive niche or high?
    I did 3 text news, the third day, and the result is not present.
    Do I need to do backlinks or order on Fiverr - Karma pr other?

    • I submitted mine to OneHourIndexing/OneHourBacklinks as well. OneHourIndexing allows for a few freebie submits. You can buy a large package from OneHourBacklinks to last for the month and drip out onto videos etc. Obiv in additional to your own links.

  24. The INDEXING is not happening.. Tried with many other services beside pingomatic like google URL submit, masspinger, etc. But in vain..!

    Is there anything else that indexes a page in a minute or two? If we can't go beyond this, we won't be able to do the rest.. :(


  25. Hello Wyatt,

    I wanted to know how do I manually add my own video on my private blog network domain site when using the CLOUD PBN software?

    Best Regards,

  26. Hello, i have done exactly as you said...i am very thankful to you that my lots of post are ranking second or third page itself...but i did not get any post in Google there new thing i have to do? and what about better ranking? should i have some backlinks?

  27. hello!
    thanks for sharing!
    decided to try this method. registered on reddit, posted sosme comments. but when i try to create a subredit, i get an error: "your account is too new to create a subreddit". can you suggest me how to bypass this error?

  28. Is the competition of the keyword at all relevant with this? Will it be much harder with certain keywords over others?

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